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it should be hyphenated: close-out

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Q: Is closeout one or two words?
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What can one expect at a closeout sale?

Closeout sales typically occur when a retail store is closing and wants to liquidate their merchandise or when a store has excess merchandise that they want to sell. One can expect greatly reduced prices on a variety of items at closeout sales.

Is no one two words or one?

It is two words. Writing it as one is acceptable in the UK and is referred to as a "Britishism." But in American grammar, it is always two separate words.

Where do I find closeout patio furniture to purchase?

This time of year most stores are not going t have closeout prices on patio furnature. Your best bet for closeout prices now would be online at websites like or patiooutdoor.bizrate.

Is one day one word or two words?

Two words - "one day".

How do you spell closeout?

According to OED, that is 'close-out' .

What do you call a soccer shutout?

shutout or closeout

Sample grant closeout letter?

A sample grant closeout letter will obtain information about the grant. The information will include who the grant belongs to and the benefits of the grants.

Is christmastime one or two words?

It is two words take it from a 7th grader

Is classwork one or two words?

I recommend class work, as two words.

Is think up one or two words?

It is two words.

Is srapypaint one word or two words?

Two words.

Is wolfpack two words or one?

It is two separate words.