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How do you spell gray when it is in gray wolf?

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The way to spell it for a wolf would be GRAY. If your using it as a color for example: My hair is grey. You would have to use Grey. So the answer is GRAY.

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How do you spell gray wolf?

The US and standard spelling is gray wolf. However grey wolf is also used.

Do you spell gray wolf with an A or E?

The US and preferred spelling is gray wolf, however it is also spelled grey.

Why is the gray wolf's named a gray wolf?

It is gray.It is a wolf.Gray+Wolf=Gray Wolf.See it's as simple as that!

What is the difference between the Mexican gray wolf and the gray wolf?

there are two species of wolves. the red wolf and the gray wolf. the mexican gray wolf is a type of gray wolf. so they are actually the same but the mexican gray wolf just specifies the region its in whereas the gray wolf is more of an umbrella term. :)

What is the color of a gray wolf?

The color of the gray wolf varies. This animal can be anywhere from light gray, black, and some species are completely white.The color of a gray wolf is grayThe gray wolf can be gray, black, or in the case of the Arctic wolf, even white.

Is the Arabian wolf bigger than the gray wolf?

No, the Arabian wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf.

Is a gray wolf an Arctic wolf?

The Arctic wolf is a subspecies of the gray wolf.

Where did the gray wolf get its name?

Cause it's Gray and it is a wolf

Is a gray wolf endangered or threatened?

Neither. The gray wolf is listed as a species of least concern.

Why is a gray wolf called a timber wolf?

There are only three species of wolves: gray wolf, Ethiopian wolf, and red wolf. Timber wolves are only a subspecies of gray wolves.

What is a baby gray wolf?

a baby gray wolf is called a pup

What is the offspring of a gray wolf?

As a baby, a cub. When grown, a gray wolf.

Is a gray wolf rare?

No, the gray wolf is listed as a species of least concern.

What is another name for a gray wolf?

Another name for the gray wolf is tha canis lapus or the timber wolf

What threatens the gray wolf?

The biggest threat to the gray wolf is MAN!{human}

Is the gray wolf a carnivore?

The Gray Wolf is a carnivore and they are very beautiful creatures

How many types of wolves re there?

Gray Wolf Red Wolf Mexican Gray Wolf Maned Wolf Arabian Wolf Artic Wolf Dire Wolf Ethiopian Wolf and European Wolf?

What is the species of the gray wolf?

The gray wolf is a nonspecific subspecies of the wolf, Canis lupus, which has 39 named subspecies including the domestic dog Canis lupus familiaris.The Eurasian gray wolf is Canis lupus lupus.The gray wolf is Canis Lupus. The red wolf is Canis Rufus.

Are the gray wolf and Arctic wolf the same?

No. The Grey wolf is a wolf reining in forested reigons. It's fur color can range from black, grey, orange, red, silver, white, etc. But the Arctic wolf is a breed that specifically lives in the Arctic, or colder climates.An Arctic wolf is a type of gray wolf, but not all gray wolves are Arctic wolves.

What is the scientific name for gray wolf?

the scientific name for a gray wolf is canius lupuscanis lupus

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