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How do you spell hello in Swahili?


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You spell "hello" h, e, l, l, o. It's also misspelled as hallow or hellow, the latter probably influenced by the word "yellow."


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The official languages of Kenya are English and Swahili. The Swahili word for "hello" is "jambo."

Swahili: Salama or JamboEnglish: Hello

You spell wedding in Swahili as w, e, d, d, i, n, g. The word in Swahili that means wedding is arusi. You spell it a, r, u, s, i.

hello-hujambo 2:goodbye-kwaheri

"Jambo" means hello in Swahili.

You spell "laugh" is Swahili as follows: l, a, u, g, h.The Swahili verb that means to laugh is kucheka. Alicheka sana (He laughed a lot)

The Swahili word for "Elder House" is "mzee nyumba".

Most people simply say "hello," which is the standard word for answering the telephone. Some people say jambo, but this is akin to pidgin Swahili. Standard Swahili greetings are questions, inquiring after the health of the interlocutor.

You spell Susan in Swahili the same way you spell it in ALL languages that use the Roman alphabet: s, u, s, a,n. A name for Swahili-speakers that's more common than Susan is Susana.

If you go to google translate it will tell you and say it but i will spell how it is in Swahili chaise

Hello = Hallohello = Hallo!

spell HELLO, you will reverse the numbers so that they read 0.7734.

You spell soul in Swahili s, o, u, l.The word that means soul is roho.Roho Mtakatifu: holy spirit

Hello friend= Jambo rafiki / Hello my friend= Jambo rafiki yangu... And if you want to say friends=marafiki.. -Lola :)

hello. (same in English)

nihou you spell hello like this - 您好 - in China. hope this helped

the Korean spelling for hello is ANNYEONGHAESAEYO :)

Hello in Hmong is: Nyob Zoo

Aprili or mwezi WA nne

The English hallo or hello is often used in Swahili as a greeting, almost invariably on the phone and often in personal meetings. It is often misspelled as hallow or hellow.Salaam is the standard Swahili for "greetings."

you spell it like this hallo.

If you mean what "great" in swahili is, then they have a couple of words for it, like Nzuri, Poa, Freshi..(last one there is slang)

One child = mtoto. Children = watoto.

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