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How do you spell live passionately have no regrets in Latin?


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Vivere vehe non paenitenda. <------ Latin !


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Vive sine paenitentiis.

Tagalog Translation of LIVE AND LOVE WITHOUT REGRETS: Mabuhay at magmahal nang walang pagsisisi.

"Live and love without regrets!" in English is Vivere e amare senza rimpianti! in Italian.

To live your life with no regrets

Live your life by following your conscience, your moralty utltimately determines if your guilty of something. If you have guilt, then you have regrets. So if you want to do something make sure it follows your personel morals. But everyone is human and living a life without some regrets is impossible. Unless your god.

Vivere senza rimpianti is an Italian equivalent of the English phrase "To live without regrets."Specifically, the infinitive vivere means "to live." The preposition senza means "without." The masculine noun rimpianti means "regrets."The pronunciation is "vee-VEH-reh SEHN-tsah reem-PYAHN-tee."

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This is a statement. Please rewrite as a qiestion so it can be answered.

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"Vivere senza rimpianti" meaning to live life without regrets

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The setting if the book is to live your life with no regrets and love the people you love

Translating from English to Latin is difficult, especially when determining tenses. The Latin translation for "Live your Life" is "Vita vivet".

It is Latin for "remember to live"

63% of English comes from Latin.

Vive quotidie is the Latin translation of "Live each day."

because if you have expectations you could have so much pain if you are dissapointed, if you have no regrets it makes life so much easier, expectations and regret are just other forms of pain and sadness

Laws of Life:Live it fully and have no regrets, just mistakes!Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Vivus - alive. Vivere - to live.

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