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Haec vita quam agimus. This assumes that "this life" stands alone, or is the subject of a sentence. Otherwise some other form will be required (e.g. Hanc vitam quam agimus diligo, "I love this life we lead").

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"Haec est vita."

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vive ut vivas

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Q: How do you spell love life in latin?
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How do you spell I love you in pig latin?

In Pig Latin, "I love you" would be spelled as "Iway ovelay ouyay."

How do you spell Faith and Love in Latin?

Fides et amor.

What is the Latin translation of 'for love for life'?

Pro amore, pro vita, 'for love, for life'.

What is the correct Latin translation for 'I love life'?

Amo vitam.

How do you spell Latin?


How would you say in latin my love my life?

Animam meam dilectam

What is Latin for love life and family?

Amor, vita, et familia.

What is an example of Latin?

amor est vitae essentia- Love is the essence of life

How do you spell Latoya in Pig Latin?

In Pig Latin, you would spell "Latoya" as "Atloya."

How do you spell Maria in Latin?

The Latin spelling is "Maria".

How do you spell love of life in French?

le savoir vivre, l'art de vivre

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