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how do you say Braidyn in korean

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Q: How do you spell or say Brayden in Korean?
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How do you spell Brayden Kash Peters in Hebrew?

Brayden Kash Peters (right to left) = בריידון קש פיטרז

How many words can be made from the name Brayden Matthew?

Zero, Brayden Matthew doesn't contain a 'o' so you can not spell 'words'.

How do you spell bray den in Arabic?

In Arabic, "Brayden" is spelled برايدن.

How do you say YG Entertainment in Korean?

YG 엔터테인먼트 i think, you just have to spell Entertainment in Korean way...

How do you say alright in Korean?

daijubu alrigth in Korean dude are you ok? that is Japanese.. daijubu is Japanese not Korean... i dunno how to spell it but it should be gaengchanayo?

How do you say Bray-den in Spanish?


How do you spell settings in Korean?

how do you spell settings in korean

How do you say poop in Korean?

It's dong if u spell it in Korean, and it becomes like this 똥 i think or i think it might be 동

How do you spell and pronounce hello in Korean?

Aneunghasayo. Ah- neug- HAH- Say- oh.

How do you spell 'wife' in Korean?

아내 is how to spell wife in Korean. But if you meant in English, it is in fact just wife.

What is the birth name of Brayden Whisenhunt?

Brayden Whisenhunt's birth name is Brayden Douglas Whisenhunt.

How do you spell ella in Korean?

There isn't a Korean translation for this name, but if you were to write it in Hangul, this is what it would look like: 엘라 When you say it, say it like you would any other english word, with a korean accent so native korean speakers will understand. It will sound sort of like : Ae-la