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How do you spell pretended?

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The word is spelt as you have done in the question.

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How do you spell scenserly?

The likely word is "sincerely" - genuinely, not pretended or affected

Can you make a simple sentence using the word 'pretended?

he Pretended as if he did not know anything. But he knew it all.

In Huckleberry Finn who did the duke pretend to be?

The Duke pretended to be Harvey Wilks and the King pretended to be William Wilks.

What rhymes with pretended?


What is the present tense of pretended?

"Pretend/pretends" is the present tense of "pretended".I pretendWe pretendYou pretendHe/she pretendsThey pretend

How do you make sentence using word pretended?

I pretended to be fast asleep, when my mother tried waking me up in the morning.

What rhymes with extended?


What is a pretended mental disorder?


What did Helen Keller do when she was blind and deaf?

Her parents took her to the Doctor and the doctor said she was permanently deaf and blind. She did not know how to obey or spell. Annie Sullivan was her teacher and helped her spell words in her hands. She pretended to put on glasses when she wanted her father.She put her fingers on someones lips when they were talking.

What is an analogy for feign?

he feinged sleep he pretended

How did Peeta help Katniss?

pretended to love her

What is the past tense of pretend?

It's pretended

Which pharaoh pretended to be a man?

Queen Hapshepsut

Who is Andre Ninivaggi?

Andre Ninivaggi is one of the duo of the Youtube channel mikeANDandre. He pretended to be Sterling Knight, while his friend Mike pretended to be Justin Bieber.

Who was the woman ruler of Egypt who pretended to be a man?


What rhymes with recommended?

Pretended is the only word I can think of...

The sons of liberty dressed up and pretended to be who?


Was Harriet Tubmans gun loaded?

no , she just pretended

What is the past and participle of pretend?

Both forms are pretended.

What did the Tlingit Indians do with wales?

ate them and then pretended they were dolls

In which film did Aishwarya Rai pretended to play twins?

Aishwarya Rai pretended to play twins in a movie. The name of the movie was JEANS. She is a former Miss Universe too.

How did Marie Antoinette die as the person who she had sometimes pretended to be?


What did Odysseus do to keep from fighting the Trojan war?

He pretended to be crazy

Who pretended to be drunk in to kill a mockingbird?

Mr. Dolphus Raymond

Who pretended to be blind during a game in Christmas carol?