How do you spell sports car?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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fast,speedy and cool

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sports car

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sports car

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Q: How do you spell sports car?
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How do you spell corrvet the car?

The sports car from Chevrolet is the Corvette.

How do you spell lambaghinin?

The correct spelling for the sports car is Lamborghini.

How do you spell kar?

To spell car C-A-R. car.

How do you spell sports in Spanish?

sports = deportes (deh-POR-tehs)

Is a Saturn a sports car?

That depends on the model. Saturn made the SC, which was the "sports coupe", could be considered a sports car; and the Sky was definitely a sports car.

Is the ford gt a muscle car or sports car?

The Ford GT is a Sports Car.

What Irish sports car is made of aluminium?

There is no irish sports car

Are California car insurance prices high for a sports car?

You will have to expect to pay more for car insurance for a sports car than a sedan. In California it is around the average for a sports car.

What are the sports of amerika?

first spell America ight, lol... then we have all of the sports...

Is a Toyota Celica considered a sports car?

It is defintely considered a sports car! Actually it's a "sports coupe". The term sports car is in the eye of the manufacturer. There are no direct qualifiers.

What sports car begins with S?

Saturn's Sky model is a sports car. SEAT's 850 Spider model is a sports car manufactured in Spain. Sylva's J15 model is a sports car manufactured in England.

How do you spell camrara?

One possible word is the word "camera" (photographic or video device). A possible proper noun is the Camaro, a sports car produced by Chevrolet.