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How do you spell statue in French?


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It's spelled statue in French. Our English word come from the French.

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The word statue is spelled Statue.

just as you spelled it Statue of Liberty

The statue of liberty was presented to the united states by the french people in?

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The letters SUEATT spell the words "astute" and "statue."

the statue of liberty was built in 1882 and was finished in 1884. The statue of liberty represents the friendship the French and Americans or New York's.

"Ajouter" is how you spell "add" in French.

this is how you spell spelling in french: l'orthographe

French did the Lincoln statue in the Lincoln Memorial.

"How do you spell it in French?" is "Comment ça s'écrit en français?"

spell it the same jus do a french accent

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You spell it in French...... Matieres. And do not forget the accents.

You spell "Acquisition" like this in French: Saisie.

you spell accident in french the same way you spell accident in english; accident

That's how you spell it. It's a French word to begin with.

The French gave the United States the Statue of Liberty.

la statue de la liberté

The Statue of Liberty is a gift from the French government, in 1886.

The french made the statue of liberty a a gift to the americans

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