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natación This is 'swimming' the noun, not 'swimming' the participle. 'Swimming' the participle is nadando. To say, "The swimming team is swimming." in Spanish, you say, "El equipo de natación está nadando."

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Q: How do you spell swimming in spanish?
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The Spanish word for "swimming pool" is piscina.

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That is the correct spelling of "swimming."

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how do you spell lemon in spanish

How to say Swimming in Spanish?

The verb is nadar - "to swim." "Swimming" is the gerund form, which in Spanish would be "nadando."

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Heck with Spanish - can you spell it in English?

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The noun 'cantante' is how you spell singer in Spanish.

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The way you spell sniper in spanish is SUSTANTIVO

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swifter... you spell it the SAME... English and Spanish :)

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swimming is nadar and walking in camina

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"Thursday" in Spanish is "jueves". It is not capitalized.

How do you spell swimming in German?


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I would spell jouer la natation

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If you are asking how the word "spanish" is spelled, it would be Spanish. "How do you spell" in spanish is "¿Cómo se deletrea...?"

Swimmer in Spanish?

To swim or swimming in spanish nadar.

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