How do you spell the alphabet in french?

The French alphabet, referred to as Alphabet Français in French, consists of the same 26 letters as the English alphabet. However, there are several differences, including letter accents such as à, ç, é, ê, and ï. These accented letters do not appear in the alphabet, but appear often in the language and writing. How and when to use letter accents is crucial to learning to write and read in the language.

Another difference is that of pronunciation. A few letters in the alphabet are pronounced the same as English (such as the letter "F"), but most of the letters are pronounced either somewhat or vastly different.
The letters are the same as in English, the only difference being that there are accents in certain conjugations or prepositions (ex: é, à, où, etc.)

If you literally mean ''the alphabet'', it would be ''l'alphabet'', spelled exactly the same way.