How do you spell the sound a werewolf makes?

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1. howl three times slowly.
2. here the letters in it.
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How do you spell the sound a fire trucks horn makes?

I'm throwing down the Onomatopoeic Gauntlet! Splat! How about:eeeee-uuuuu-eeeee-uuuuu-eeeee-uuuuu. It is a siren. Depending onthe country you are in, sirens may have completely differentsounds.

How do you make a werewolf?

According to folklore, you can wear a wolf-skin belt and transform like that, or you can be bit by another werewolf, OR make a deal with satan. there are also flowers in the balkanic peninsula (around Italy) that can turn u into a werewolf 4 24 hours if brewed properly

I like to make werewolf movies?

Hehe, same for me, i wrote a little script for one, i will shot it during this summer probably if i get my friends to play in it, it will maybe be 30min long :)

How do you make your Sim a werewolf?

Well, you need to have the sims pets to do this. If you do, pay close attention. First, you need to make friends with the leader of the pack. They can come onto your lot any time, like all of the other wolves. And all wolves fulfill the see the wolves want. If you see a wolf you can either sho or be ( Full Answer )

What is the cheat to make your sim into a werewolf?

There is no cheat for that. The only way you can become a warewolf if a warewolf comes to your house. Become best friends with him and then just shoo him and all the other stuff. And to do that there is a much easier way, just go to the neighbourhood screen then shift+ctrl+c and a white box will app ( Full Answer )

How do you spell the sound that the drums make after a joke?

This is described as a "rim shot" (more technically a "sting") and consists of two beats followed by a final, louder one, a cymbal or bass note. This would be similar to "ba-dum-DUM" or "ba-dum-TSH" (an actual hit on the other drumstick sitting on the rim).

Is there a spell to turn you into a werewolf?

Both magic spells, and werewolves, appear in fantasy stories - not in real life. Now, in those fantasy stories, the way you become a werewolf is getting bitten by another werewolf - sort of like a contagious disease.

How do you spell the sounds each letter makes?

The phonetic equivalents of letters (used only to illustrate the sound) and their basic sounds are: A (ay) - ah, aw, ay B (bee) - buh [combinations BL, BR] C (cee) - kuh, suh [combinations CH, CL, CR] D (dee) - duh [combination DR] E (ee) - eh, uh, ee, ey F (ef, eff) - fuh [combinations FL, FR] G ( ( Full Answer )

Spell the sound that you make when you clear your throat?

It's usually spelled as "Ahem." If you're writing dialogue in astory, you can either write it out as "ahem," or simply write thatyour character cleared his/her throat, depending on the situationwithin the story.

Who can make you a werewolf?

Answer 1 no one they are just wolves with a very bad attitude Answer 2 Another werewolf if you wish to be two legged if you wish to be four legged you can teach your elf

How do you spell the sound a frog makes?

The sound is either a "croak" or "ribbit, ribbit." The humorous version is "what does a frog knee-deep in mud say?" which is "knee deep."

How do you spell the sounds a chicken makes?

In English, the various vocalizations of chickens are usually variations on cluck or cackle, or possibly chirp (as for other birds). These are the onomatopoeia words, but the actual sounds are represented, as in comics and cartoons, by such spellings as "buc buc," "bok bagok," "buckawk," "wak,"or "b ( Full Answer )

How do you make a potion to turn me into a werewolf?

There aren't any potions to turn yourself into a werewolf. Why you would want your self to turn into a werewolf, and put that curse upon yourself though, I do not know. It must be a horrible and very painful and slow development of turning into one. However, if you do want to turn into one, you wil ( Full Answer )

How do you make a werewolf tail?

I suppose you could get a feather duster and spray it whatever colour you want your werewolf to be.

What makes a werewolf mad?

a lot! werewolves have very sort tempers if you get one real mad ........ lets just say not good try to get on there good side

How do you spell the sounds a donkey makes?

Hee-haw or eeyore. Answer: It depends on what language you speak: Afrikaans: hie-hô Albanian: i-a i-a Arabic (Algeria): hiihan hiihan Bengali: chuuchuu Catalan: i-haa Croatian: i-ja, i-ja Czech: iá iá Danish: Æslet skryder. Dutch: ie-ah English: hee-haw Espera ( Full Answer )

How do you make your sim a werewolf on sims 2?

Firstly, you have to have the sims 2 pets. Then go onto the neighborhood and bring up the cheat box. Type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' then press enter. Then enter the lot where the sim is. Press down the shift button and click on the mailbox, choose the option 'Make NPC' and keep going t ( Full Answer )

How do you make a werewolf on Sims 3?

Hello I'm Anna mount. Listen I have the game for 360 and there is one way to turn your Sim into a werewolf. All you have to do is go out of the house at night and wait 5 Seconds for a Wolf to Show up. If it comes take your Sim and touch it. It Should bite you. if not Smack it until it Attacks y ( Full Answer )

How do you make a Sim a werewolf on Sims 2?

You have to have the sims 2 pets. Then go onto the neighborhood and bring up the cheat box. Type in 'boolprop testingcheatsenabled true' and press enter. Then enter the lot where the sim is. Press down the shift button and click on the mailbox, choose the option 'Make NPC' and keep going through the ( Full Answer )

How do you spell the sound a bullwhip makes?

The sound of a whip is usually described as a crack. "The whip artist cracked his whip and the small tube of paper protruding from his pretty assistant's mouth was sliced in two!" (See Related links below)

How do you spell the sound a tiger makes?

Both lions and tigers "roar" or "growl". But the cougar, cheetah, and some other smaller cats have a distinctive higher-pitched "yowl" instead of a roar.

How do you make werewolf on alchemy?

if u want to check wat is werewolf and wolfman watch on star one pyaar ki yeh ek kahani you'll find all ur ans. .

Can you make something to turn you to a werewolf?

1) Get bitten by a werewolf. 2) Drink from the footprint of a wolf. 3) Drink from a river from which a wolf's drinken. 4) Be born one. 1) be bornone 2)have on bit you 3) have on blood you +++ Can you be truned into a werewolf - NO! they are creatures of myth but I accept there is a fas ( Full Answer )

How do you make a werewolf potion?

you can't because werewolves are not real people just dress up as them and no one should say they do so please people who think they are real not edit this answer

What makes Remus Lupin become a werewolf?

The full moon makes him become a werewolf. Hence his nickname being "Moony" by his friends. Also, he was bitten, before he went to Hogwarts, by Fenrir Greyback, who was a vicious werewolf, hell-bent on creating as many of his own kind as possible, and biting children as much as possible.

How do you spell the sound a whip makes?

The sound of a bullwhip is a "crack," or possibly a "snap," but there does not seem to be a separate sound for the impact of a lash.

What other spelling patterns make the long o sound as in poor?

In US English, the OO in poor is a short OO (but nearly a long OO or long U) as in tour (OU) or sure (silent E). The OO-R combination produces a separate rhotic sound that when extended produces a poo-uhr sound. So a short OO is seen in sure, while a long OO is seen in sue and sewer. The long ( Full Answer )

How do you spell the sound a rabbit makes?

A happy rabbit will make clicking noises "kip-kip-kip-kip". A mad rabbit will growl "Mmmmmmmrrrrrrmmmmrrrrrr" They also make "oinking" noises when they are ready to mate."Mmmmfffff mmmfff" if you want their frightened screech its sort of a "screeeeeeeeep" Here's another answer: A slight correcti ( Full Answer )

How do the foley artist for Harry Potter make the spell sounds?

These aren't necessarily done by Foley artists. They could also be done by computer generated sounds. But if you know anything about Foley, it could still be something as simple as tin foil, you know? I think the best way to find out is to email some people from the movies. They are busy people, but ( Full Answer )

How do you spell cat's sounds the make?

"Meow," "Purrrr" and "Prrr" are some common ways that you can spellcat sounds. However, these vary widely across the globe. In German,"meow" is spelled as "miau," in Japanese it is "nyan," and inCatalan, it is "meu."

Where to find a werewolf spell?

By the light of the moon and our pirceing howls we are further controlled into cunning beast. From the circle of life to the evelotion of life I shall be reawakened as one with land. I got this from you tube if you want to check for your self type in werewolf spell

How do you make werewolfs?

This king was visited by gods and thought they weren't whom they claim. So he served them human flesh to see how'd they'd take it. Discovering the tainted dish, the gods turned the king into a werewolf, since he obviously liked human flesh.

What is the real spell to become a werewolf?

The full moon always has entranced me this is one of Satan's doorways to me. As much as I love God I long to run in the night and roam the trails of discovery, the shocking reality of werewolves have been shown clear to me now. To become a werewolf you are to strike an eternal deal with Satan for a ( Full Answer )

How do make a werewolf on alchemy?

People should stop playing video games and into the outdoors if not I will turn into a werewolf and sneak up on you and say boo and scare you :D

Do werewolf spells work?

if your a witch and you are able to im pretty sure it would work

How do you spell that car sound that waka makes?

If you mean the Maori word Waka in particular the last 2 letters - KA the 2 'A' s are both short in sound so 'car' is not correct as it is a long sound . I prefer to say KUH or CU as in the word CUT so it's more like WUH KUH than warcar

Can you make a werewolf in sims 2?

Yes, a werewolf can be created in Sims 2. In order to create a werewolf search outside at night around the Sims house to locate a dog with yellow eyes. This dog is a werewolf. Make friends with the werewolf and eventually he will bite the Sims character to turn him into a werewolf as well.

What makes a werewolf a lycanthorpe?

Werewolf is a near-direct translation of the word lycanthrope making them synonymous. The term lycanthrope derives from the Greek words lukos meaning wolf and anthrope meaning human or man.