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Tell all your friends about this "rumor" and if they think its true it will spread throughout your school or some other place...

Rumormongering is a bad thing , and will one day backfire on you. Don't participate in this. Even if it is true [ and you call it "news" or "information"] it can be hurtful. If you know something that is a danger to the person being talked about, or to others, tell someone in authority , but don't spread it around. If you're that bored, get a hobby.

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Q: How do you spread a rumor?
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What do you do when the girl you like thinks you spread a rumor that you are dating but you did not spread the rumor?

Tell her you did not do it. And tell all your friends you did not do it. The truth will spread.

What is a sentence using the word rumor?

A boy spread a rumor during class today.

How do you use nasty rumor in a sentence?

Students spread a nasty rumor about the teacher. The nasty rumor almost got a good teacher fired.

Why is CopperCab dead?

He's not. Trolls simply spread the said rumor.

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Actually, he didn't. This was a rumor spread after he had died.

Did Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez break 2011?

No. they spread a rumor.

Is Shakira going to jail?

No it is just a rumor that has spread to far

Does people really came from apes?

No, that is a rumor people have spread over years.

Indiana University Library sinking?

No it is a rumor that started on campus and spread due to the internet.

There's a bully at school. How do you prank him?

Spread a rumor so terrible that it will follow him for ever.

What rumor is?

It is something that happened to someone that gets spread around that may or may not be true.

What is the similarities between gossip and romour?

Gossip is when you talk about other people with friends. But, a rumor is when you spread a lie about someone around school, or where ever you are. Oh and, by the way, you spelled rumor wrong. You spelled it rumour it is spelled rumor. :)