How do you sprint in Star Wars Battlefront 1?

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You can't. The sprint ability did not appear until star wars battlefront 2.
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How do you put in cheat codes for Star Wars battlefront 1?

Answer . Go to "Historical Campaign" mode (in single player) Select the Era you want to play (Clone Wars or Galactic Civil War). You should now be on the Planet Selection screen. \nHit: X, Y, X, Y Enter "Jub Jub" as a profile name. This will make your characters smaller when playing. NOTE: The ch ( Full Answer )

How do you be a Jawa on Star Wars Battlefront?

First, go to Instant Action and select Mos Eisley. Then select "Hunt" and Launch the game. You can choose to be either the Jawas or the Tusken Raiders.. The Jawas have the zap rays like the Dark Troopers. The Tuskens have shotguns like Han Solo and Princess Leia. From my personal experience, the Ja ( Full Answer )

How do you play as a Jedi in Star Wars Battlefront 1?

You can not because in Star Wars Battlefront I there are no playable Jedi or Sith as it isn't part of the game you can only play with soldiers, droids etc. However its successor Battlefront II allows you to play with Sith and Jedi (I have got it and its pretty amazing stuff). My advice would be to g ( Full Answer )

Cheats for Star Wars battlefront?

the cheats for the PC version of star wars battlefront 2 are as follows: 456123 - unlock all campaign levels. mostimpressive - invincibility agoodblasteratyourside - unlimited ammunition usetheforceluke - turns of the HUD those are the only cheats there are

Star Wars battlefront 1 cheats?

Yes there is one cheat it is a crappy one though... It's a baby wars cheats. every character except droideka's are small. To do this you will have to create a new file and call it Jub Jub with a capital J and a space in between the first Jub. 2 go in to that profile and go to instant action select a ( Full Answer )

Where Do You Get Star Wars Battlefront 2?

You can get starwars battlefront 2 at your local games shop ( if they still have it its been out for a while) otherwise you can check eBay or other online shops. You can go to a secong hand games shop because they sometimes have games that have been out a while there.

Are there cheats for Star Wars Battlefront 1?

Yes, but I don't know any. One is "Jub-jub" if you play with that name, then you will be tiny. Also, try for more cheats. There is also a cheat for all planets, but I don't know it.

Star wars battlefront 1 have a MTT?

No. I was disappointed to discover this, as it would undoubtedly have been fun to try to shoot down one of those things!

What is the Star Wars battlefront?

Star Wars Battlefront and the sequel, Star Wars Battlefront 2 are 2 Star Wars video games and considered the most popular Star Wars games ever. The second's plot follows the rise of the Empire, but the first has no real storyline.

Will there be Star Wars battlefront 3?

YES... and no. There where rumors that it would have came out in march of 10 or 11, for ps3 and xbox 360 (only multiplayer) but instead they just renamed it elite squadron for psp.

Star Wars Battlefront II?

Its an awesome star wars game rated t and comes in the following platforms: -ps2 -xbox -mac -pc

What cheats are for Star Wars battlefront?

jun jun is the cheat for baby wars look it up at is the last star wars enter it as profile name Invinvibility---- most impressive Infinite ammo---- agoodblasteratyourside Remove HUD---- usetheforceluke All missions on campaign----456123

What is the invincibility cheat for Star Wars Battlefront 1?

there is no invincibility cheat for 1 unfortunatly unless you have a game shark or a action replay or some cheat device along those lines the only cheat without a cheat device is to make a file named Jub Jub and it turnes every body small

How do you be Darth Vader in Star wars battlefront 1?

go on one of the tatooine levels as imperial in the era that isn't clone wars survive long enough and he comes in, then after he comes in die and when you respawn you can pick to be ur normal gun person (if your an idiot) or you can be Vader. you cant be a jedi or sith that's in number 2

What planets are in Star Wars battlefront 1?

Bespin, Endor, Geonosis, Hoth, Kamino, Kashyyyk, Naboo, Rhen Varr, Tatooine and Yavi 4 are all available to play on in Star Wars Battlefront I. Many of these locations have one or more specific areas to play at.

In Star Wars battlefront 1 and 2 are there cheat codes?

star wars battlefront 2 PC cheat codes are as follows: 456123 - unlock all campaign levels. mostimpressive - invincibility agoodblasteratyourside - unlimited ammunition usetheforceluke - turns of the HUD those are the only cheats there are for star wars battlefront i don't hae that ( Full Answer )

Is there a Star Wars battlefront for GameCube?

Star Wars: Battlefront is not available on a Nintendo console. Thefirst game was released on Windows, Playstation 2, Xbox, Mac, andmobile phone, while the sequel is available on PS2, Windows, PSP,and Xbox.

Can you be an aklay in Star Wars Battlefront 2?

Yes, I'm pretty sure you can. Under Instant Action, find the planet Felucia, then select Hunt as your game style. If you can't be an Aklay there, you can't be one anywhere.

What planets are in Star Wars Battlefront?

If you are talking about Star Wars Battlefront 1, then the planets are: Bespin Cloud City, Bespin Platforms, Endor Bunker Geonosis Spire, Kamino Tipoca City, Hoth Echo Base, Kashyyyk Islands, Kashyyyk Docks, Naboo Plains, Naboo Theed, Tatooine Dune Sea, Tatooine Mos Eisley, Yavin 4 Temple, Yavin 4 A ( Full Answer )

Is Star Wars battlefronts out on Wii?

Battle Front 3 is not currently proven to exist. There's too much hype to tell what's real and what's not, and nothing has been confirmed yet. Hopefully it will!

Is star wars battlefront 1 and 2 xbox 360 compatible?

Yes both games were made for the original Xbox console but the new Xbox 360 Console is backwards compatible and allows you to play original games. However, you'll be restricted from the Xbox LIVE Guide, Parties, Private Chat, etc. while playing original Xbox games on the 360.