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strangely enough 1 beetroot a day is said to increase spunk load.

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โˆ™ 2009-11-01 23:16:00
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Q: How do you spunk more?
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spunk,spunk and more spunk this is the dummest foolishness i have ever seen in my life.

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How do you use the word spunk in a sentence?

There was a gooey spunk on the wall.The spunk of fluid was taken for forensic testing.

What is the definition of spunk?

"spunk" is courage, mettle, bravery.

How do you write a sentence using spunk?

That kid has a lot of spunk.

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Spunk video was created in 2003.

When was Spunk Library created?

Spunk Library was created in 1992.

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Monkey Spunk was created in 1998.

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Yes you will spunk more and get a biger boner

Does it hurt if you get spunk in your eye?

How could you get spunk in your eye? Does that make sense? Spunk is courage, enthusiasm and determination. Yes, it does hurt, rather alot, i don't recommend the pain.

Is it legal to spunk in the street?

If your name is Lucas G. Then yes."Permission to spunk, Sir?""Permission granted."

What are synonyms for perseverance?

DeterminationSpunk!dedication, determination, drive,orresolution, sedulity, spunk, stamina,Persistence

When do you 'have spunk'?

To have spunk, or to be spunky, is to be unafraid. A spunky heroine is one who rushes into danger to save her friends.

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Who is spunk ransom?

spunk ransom is Robert pattinson's nickname. he hates his real name and that's what he wishes his name was.

What are some possible synonyms for the word 'spunk'?

Some possible synonyms for the word 'spunk' (noun, meaning courage; nerve) include words such as determination, fortitude, gameness, grit, spirit, and toughness.

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There is no possible way to swallow spunk. I mean come on, common sense. Why would you even ask that question.

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spunk in the earhole

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my spunk

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An opaque white

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