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Use a well-known and well-characterized compound with a carefully measured concentration. If doing an acid-base titration always use a strong base or a strong acid, and not a weak one.

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Why do you standardize a titrant?

A titrant must be standardized to analyze unknown acids. This must be performed to determine the amount of mol of that acid that will react to the titrant.

Why there is a need to standardize sodium hydroxide solution prior to its use as titrant?

For calculation (determination of a an analyte concentration) in volumetry we need to know exactly the the concentration of any titrant.

What is double titration?

Double titration is a process were the first titration is used to standardize a titrant and the second titration is used to find the molarity of the unknow solution.

Do you use titrant in conical flask?

yes we use titrant in the conical flask ,this is because titrant is a solution we use in burrete for titration in this process we titrant the solution in the conical flask along with an indicator

What is meant by titrant in titration?

The titrant is the solution involved or used in a titration to determine the concentration of an unknown solution.

What is a titrant?

A titrant is a solution that is taken inside a burette during titration. For e.g., in the acid-base titration of NaOH with HCl, if NaOH is taken in the burette and HCl along with the indicator is taken in the conical flask, NaOH is the titrant.

What is titrant and analyte?

Analyte: the substance to be analyzed by titration. Titrant: the substance (with a known concentration) added to the analyte solution to perform a titration.

What is noun of standardize?

The noun forms of the verb to standardize (or standardise) are standardizer, standardization, and the gerund, standardizing.The word 'standardize' is the verb form of the noun standard.

How does back titration differ from a direct titration?

direct titration involves the direct and stepwise addition of a standard titrant to the analyte whilst the back titration involves reacting a standard excess titrant wth an analyte solution of an unknown concentration, then reacting the excess (left over) titrant with an analyte of known concentration to determine the concentration of excess titrant.

What part of speech is the word standardize?

The word standardize is a verb. It means to establish a standard.

How do you standardize the solution of 1M conc H2SO4?

You standardize it by titrating it with another standardized base.

Why do you do standardisation of titrants in titration methods?

To realize a correct titration and calculus we need to know the concentration of the titrant. Titration of a unknown solution with an unknown titrant has no sense.

What are two syllables for the word standardize?

The word standardize actually has three syllables. They are: Stand-ard-ize.

What are the components of titration?

A titrant, a titrate and an indicator (if needed).

What is a verb formation of standard?


What is a standardize recipe?

consistent and cost

How do you standardize 1N H2SO4 with a KHP?


Did IBM standardize personal computers?


How do you standardize sodium thiosulfate?

using potassiumdichromate

When do you standardize an EKG?

before and after you run EKG

What do you need to standardize 1N sulfuric?


How many syllables for the word standardize?


What is a solution of known concentration used in the process of filtration?

If you think to titration this is the titrant.

Why the volume of a titrant needs to be greater than 25ml but less than 50ml?

If the volume of the titrant is between that range, it takes out the mainstream of error. It is allowed to be more accurate when determining mols and molarity of the compounds within the titrations

How can you use the word standardise in a sentence?

standardize: evaluate by comparing with a standardexStandardize the format of each entry such that all aspects of the life cycle are covered.