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You go to and there is a log-in and sign-up button on that website. You need your first, last, e-mail, and if you want you can get an authenticator on an iPod, iphone, droid, or order one. You can get a free 10 day trial and install the game so you don't really pay for anything unless you actually like the game and want to advance further into it.

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What website you must go to start a world of warcraft account?

You have to buy the game. Then you have to go to the official World of Warcraft website (listed below in the related links) to start a World of Warcraft subscription.

What is a wow account?

A World of Warcraft account is a account that has World of Warcraft activated on it.

Do you log in with your battlenet account in World of Warcraft?

Yes, you use your account to log into World of Warcraft.

How does one make an account on World of Warcraft?

One can make an account on World of Warcraft by visiting the official World of Warcraft website and following the links to create an account. One can have an email address with them.

How do you trade with a trial account in World of Warcraft?

If you have a trial account in World of Warcraft you are unable to trade with other players in the game.

Do you need a account for World of Warcraft?

Yes, you need a account to play World of Warcraft. A while ago Blizzard required that all World of Warcraft accounts be merged to accounts.

How do you use guest pass in World of Warcraft?

go to the world of warcraft website and set up an account and use the code to make the account

Sell World of Warcraft?

No, you can not buy my world of warcraft account, i have put too much time and money into it.

How do you get rid of a World of Warcraft trial account?

You have to go onto the World of Warcraft website, and click account management on the bar to the side. There, click quit World of Warcraft, then, it will ask you why you are quitting. You do not have to answer this. Go to continue, and follow the instructions.

Do you need a special account on World of Warcraft to use burning crusade?

You don't have to have a special account, but you have to of made a regular World of Warcraft account and have the Burning Crusade with an unused authentication key.

How long is an account cancellation for World of Warcraft?

World of Warcraft will not cancel your account no matter how long it remains inactive, unless you specifically ask them to remove all information from your account. Doing so will not only compelty delete the account, but will also make it impossible to start playing again without starting a new toon.

What is an account name on World of Warcraft?

Poo in your cornflakes =)

How do you play the World of Warcraft free trial?

First you have to sign up for a free account. This allows you access to and the free trials that are available. In the account management page, there should be an option to add a World of Warcraft trial to you account. Choose this. Download the game (it is BIG). Log in and start playing.

How do you get code in World of Warcraft?

It is an upgrade code for a W.O.W. account. You get it from the two expansion packs for World of Warcraft; The Burning Crusade($20) and The Wrath of the Lich King($40).The code is on theCD case when you buy it. Enter the code in account management on the World of Warcraft website to upgrade your account

How can you get out of your World of Warcraft addiction?

Start to play runescape. you will get bored and not want to play world of warcraft.

How do you upgrade a world of warcraft trial account to a full account?

Buy the vanilla game.

Can you play using your friends world of warcraft account on another computer?

Yes you can but you need to have World of Warcraft downloaded on the computer you want to you is on.

How do you get a lvl 70 account in World of Warcraft?

By leveling to 70.

How do you remove a World of Warcraft account from battlenet?

Not possible to do so.

Should you get World of Warcraft?

Only you can decide if you want to get world of warcraft. It is however advisable that you use a trial account to decide if you want it or not. The trial account is available at the official website below.

How to get your world of warcraft account back if your World of Warcraft and email password is changed?

If you have set an account recovery secret question, you can answer this to prove it is your account. You will then be contacted (By phone if your email is hacked) by Blizzard and they will sort it out for you within a week.

What is the license key for World of Warcraft wrath of the lich king?

it is the set of digits and letters that will come sealed in the world of warcraft box (DVD game) and you should enter it on the world of warcraft account management

What is a trusted site to sell your World of Warcraft account?

There are no trusted sites to sell World of Warcraft accounts. Besides, you are not allowed to sell it. If you no longer wish to play World of Warcraft, then just stop playing.

If you have an old World of Warcraft account that hasn't been used in about 9 months has it been erased?

No. Blizzard does not delete accounts on World of Warcraft.

How do you take away world of Warcraft time from battlenet?

You can not take away time from your World of Warcraft Battlenet account once it has been added.

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