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How do you start a conversation?

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2010-07-20 15:29:51

Say "Hello, my name is ___________".

Another answer

There are many different ways to start a conversation. It also

depends on your own gender and on whether you are talking to a lady

or a gentleman. When talking to a lady you want to be sure to

address her appropriately and make small talk at first. When

talking to a gentleman always be sure not to talk about something

that women would - as this would just make you sound like a jerk! -

so try talking about something like sports or current and future


Another opinion

When seeing someone on the street or just passing by, starting a

conversation that starts with "What's up?" is very informal yet can

still be appropriate. But sometimes - depending on what age level

you are at - this can be impolite or seem immature, so watch


A more simple and polite way to start a conversation is just a

mere "Hey, how's it going?". Simple, polite, and easy going...

that's what you are aiming for.

what ever bring up something random and they'll ask questions

about it and you'll have to answer them SIMPLES!

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