How do you start a repo business in North Carolina?

i just recently started a repossession business in Missouri and it is tough. i am 21 years old and trying to get people to see past the stereotype is hard enough but here is what i have found. i already owned a tow company and have seven trucks two of which are pick-ups with sneeker lifts. i just got insurance to meet state requirements and alittle extra to beat the competition. keep the overhead low use older looking equipment and keep it in tiptop shape mechanically and if it doesnt look good consider driving something that looks respectable to meetings and contacts with clients. you have to face the facts have you seen very many repo companys that look professional. most of the ones in my area are dirtbags with no insurance or standard auto insurance on a pick up with a folding swing set in the bed,14 warrants and no front teeth doing reposessions for $100. set prices at a fair price (not high just average) sell your business with superior service and excellent turnaround times not at a streetcorner price good luck. start with a few title loan companies they are excellent for learning and good volume.