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If really serious, you would learn an enourmous amount of info as to how collection agencies work by working for one as a debt collector. If not, first step would be to talk to an Attorney; you would probaly have to retain one in some manner anyway. Look at your states regs. Looking into the licence requirements will give you a start. I would assume you will have to be bonded and have a net worth of x amount of dollars. Collection agencies work in that manner. Basically, fifty states means fifty different laws and regs. to be abreast on. That means training for employees and employees who are capable of dealing with people who are not happy; must be thick-skinned.

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Find how ACCC, an obligation solidification organization, can assist you with making a ... Furthermore, when you research organizations on the Web, the measure of data you'll discover is ... A legitimate combined credit guiding organization will give you honest, ..affordabledebtconsolidation

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