How do you start gmod?

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you click the shortcut icon er the gmod .exe/file!

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Q: How do you start gmod?
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I downloaded Gmod 9.0.4 and when i try to play on servers it says that i don't have the right version of Gmod to play it but the server is on Gmod 9.0.4 help?

You need to download Gmod 9.0.4c when you start there will be 3 choose unmark the Gmod 9.0.4b and your set to go and play gmod 9 online.

How do you host a Gmod rp lan server?

Click start new game.

How do you start a darkrp server in gmod?

First you need to port forward. ( Go there fix that then start up Gmod choose "Create Multi player" or something like that. Now invite your freinds and have fun!

Can you get Gmod for the xbox 360?

no. gmod is only for the pc.

Can you play gmod on the PS3?

No. Gmod is only for PC

How do you pick up a weapon on Gmod?

That's a very good question. Thing is I'm not sure how. All the weapons are automatically given to you when you start up Gmod. You can hold all the weapons basically.

I have Gmod on steam but how do you get Gmod 10 on steam?

Gmod 10 is a pay game. It can be purchased from the Steam store at It costs $10

How do you start Gmod 9 without steam?

Garry's mod 9 is free, it was the last free version. it uses steam to launch as it resource files are all valve games. you cant star gmod without steam

Does portal have gmod?


Can you get Gmod for PS3?


Where can i get garry's mod 10?

go to here are some links related to Gmod to help you: Steam: Download stuff to Gmod here: About Gmod: Gmod fourums:

Which halflifes are needed to run Gmod?

Any Source GamePreferably CS:S as most gmod users have this

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