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I don't believe you can stay friends with an ex lover. The hurt is just too much. It's just best to move on as there is that special person out there for you. If you stay and remain friends, this could cause problems with his relationship with his new girlfriend. Move on. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2005-11-18 22:36:13
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Q: How do you stay friends with someone you care deeply for if he has a girlfriend?
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I don't know ask someone else i really don't care about your problems

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You have to teach your friends girlfriend great manners and see if you care of her and also if you care of your friend you should make him happy and don't make the girlfriend break up with him because your friend wouldn't talk to you anymore and if you don't show the girlfriend you have manners and care then she will think she has a awful weird boyfriend because of his friends ( this means you ) so, all ways treat the girlfriend with care and manners i hoped this helped :D

If you really cared deeply for someone and then found out they are gay how do you handle this situation?

Well if you really care deeply for this person it will not matter to you that they are gay and you'll be there for them.

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Just take care of her... Love her, hold her hand, hang out with her crazy friends... Just show her that you care

How do you make someone you care deeply about feel loved?

Just be there for the person, and be willing to listen.

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Tell them you just want to be friends.

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What do you do if your boyfriend's friends don't like you and your friends don't like him?

you should focus on just you two and if you really care about him then you shouldn't care what your friends think about your boyfriend/girlfriend You Should Just Box The Unimportant People Out And Tell Them To Keep It Moving Because You Are Not Interested!

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Should you care if your girlfriend and her ex are still best friends?

You should care because if they are still friends and they are ex's they still have something there. Make them end there friendship and if they don't want to you know that there is still something there between them and they haven't gotten over it.

How do you make your girlfriend care for you again?

This is a tough one. Sometimes, it is not possible to make someone care for you once they have stopped. Counseling might be a good first option.

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She just wants to be friends but nothing more.

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