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"Don't Steal Me Lucky Charms," as they say. Stealing is illegal.

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โˆ™ 2006-04-05 04:17:30
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Q: How do you steal Lucky Charms?
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Where is the Find the lucky charms game?

On the website for lucky charms

When was Lucky Charms launched?

Lucky Charms was launched in 1954

When was Lucky Charms created?

Lucky Charms was created in 1964.

The words to the jingle for lucky charms cereal?

Catch the Lucky Charms, they're Magically Delicious!

How many calories does lucky charms cereal have?

a 3/4 cup of lucky charms has 110 calories in it

What were shapes of marshmallows in lucky charms cereal?

Lots of different shapes make up Lucky Charms!

Why were lucky charms called lucky charms?

Just becuase I don't think there's really reason why.

How many Lucky Charms are in 1 box of Lucky Charms?

it says on the box and on the box i had it said 72

What is the Lucky Charms guy's name?

Lucky the Leprechaun

What is the name of the leprechaun on Lucky Charms cereal?


What is the name of the leprechaun on a box of Lucky Charms cereal?


What did Lucky the Leprechaun help sell?

Lucky Charms cereal

Do lucky charms come with charms?

No, the reason that Lucky Charms is the name that it is is because the marshmallows in it are shaped like St. Patricks day and leprechan themes such as a rainbow, horseshoe, and so on.

What is this slogan for 'They're magically delicious'?

Lucky Charms, General Mills, came to stores in 1964. It is toasted oat pieces and multicolored marshmellow shapes, which are like charms for a bracelet, and so the name Lucky Charms, with Lucky the Leprechaun on the box."White Fluffy Frosted Lucky Charms, They're magically delicious!"

What cereal has a leprechaun on it?

Lucky Charms.

What do lepracons eat?

Lucky charms

Do leprechauns eat lucky charms?


Is lucky charms a heterogeneous or a homogeneous?


Where is the pink lizard and why is he after your lucky charms?

He is after your lucky charms because there is about 25% elf blood inside this lizard this is what makes it pink. So as an end result they are going to eat your lucky charms or elese they turn black suffacate and die.

What is the name of the leprechaun featured on boxes of lucky charms cereal?

the answer is lucky

Will nestle sell lucky charms in England?


What are the Irish words for lucky charms?


Does lucky charms have gluten in it?

Yes definitely.

What are the marshmallows in lucky charms?

Dried Marshmallows

Is a rabbits foot a lucky charms marshmallow?