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Do it!It has to be a 2 way street. I'm in a similar situation. We've been involved with each other for about a year now. We have strong feelings for one another, great physical & mental connection... however, he was in a relationship when this began. It just happened. We've discussed his relationship with girlfriend, and it seems empty. Like he's missing something. He doesn't want to be the bad person in the situation, but feelings change, people change and now.... at this point.... if he can't work his way to do it... It's time for sabotage. Besides... I never liked her before anyway! So to hell with her and the other two people who responded to this.... Maybe you were victims? Cry me a river. No ring, no commitment there.... he's still on the market. Ans werhey i feel the same way

1st you gotta make sure hes at least alittle into you

get him and you alone in a place

then tell him all kind of things about his girlfriend

then movein when you think the time is right

hope this helps

AnswerHow would you feel when a girl steals your boyfriend??!!!?

SO after you get this guy How long would it be before you don't trust him . lets see you see him talking with a classmate???? what will you think ??

AnswerWell all i have to say is, if you really want to be in a relationship with a man, that has been with a girl for years, at some point loved her, and is now willing to lie to her face and cheat behind her back rather than have the balls to just leave when he is unhappy, because his penis won't have a regular parking stop if he leaves her too soon. Then you are very welcome to him.

If you want to be with a man that is capable of having a relationship with you and then when he decides he doesn't fancy you anymore, rather than tell you, he'll simply set out to go out and look for a women he does fancy first, start a relationship with her, emotionally alienate you, leaving you confused as to why he is being distant but to refuse to tell you the truth, insisting that you are insane and that he obviously still cares about you, make you feel like a nut case for suspecting something is going on, while he guiltlessly weighs the pro's and cons of staying with you verses his new interest, and he will be very harsh about you, and all sweet about her. And he will do this until he wipes you clean from his heart and mind, and it takes time, he'll probably slip in a few nastey insults about you along the way, and when he breaks it off FINALLY, having left you feeling insecure about your looks and your intelligence, he will have emotionally maneovered himself so that his is capable of absolutely no feeling for you what so ever, probably concluding in his weak minded way that it was YOUR fault that he wanted to look else where. And he will make the break up be entirely your fault, not at all because he was screwing someone else.

anyway, suddenly the pressure of lying to someone so close to him gets too much, plus the nutty new girl is asking when he's going to dump you, (or she'll be forced to take matters into her own hands.) Mean while you have been believing his lies, thinking he still loves you and doing all you can to please him and make him happy again, because you sense he is unhappy, but when he dumps you, you believe you've only had a wee spat, then you meet his new girlf friend, he tells you that he met his new love interest a week ago, but he seems to have invited her and every single one of her firends and family on to his facebook in that week, and talking like good old mates. it hits you like a tone of bricks, what a pathetic fool you were, for all those years, believing he was a man of any kind of integrity. Believing some how you could mean more to him in 3 months than his ex, before you, did in 3 years. believing that, somehow, without truelly knowing his ex, simply because he looked at you twice, that you were somehow going to be more, mean more, be deserving of better treatment by him, and failing to understand that a man capable of doing the above is interested in one thing, and one thing only, himself, and when the day comes when his girlf friend does anything he doesn't like, he will be soon to find a replacement.

If men are unhappy in their relationship they should say so, and if nothign changes leave. Not start a relationship with someone else so they don't have to hurt too much when they leave their girl friends. It's called integrity.

Any women that wants a man like that, the girls sleeping with men in relationships are sick little girls who have obviously never known what it feels like to be so utterly humilliated by someone claiming to love them.

WTF i don't know

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Q: How do you steal a guy from another girl?
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