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you don't

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What are yoville cheats to get yocash?

There are no cheats to get yocash

How do you change yocoins to yocash on YoVille?

You cant you can only change yocash to yocoins but if you want yocash, download the yoville toolbar, you will get 5 yocash instantly after you download it and you get 1 yocash each time you visit yoville.

Can you trade yocash on yoville?

you cannot trade yocash but you can find a yocash dealer that will buy yocash items and sell to you for coins, you should negotiate before the trade.

Where can you buy a yocash card?

You have to buy the yocash or earn then. on yoville. buy yocash or earn yocash. can buy how much you want buy you still have to pay..... if you dont pay then it will not give you the yocash!

Is there a such thing as a yocash dealer on yoville?

Yes, a YoCash dealer is a person who buys YoCash items and sells them to other players for coins.

How much is yocash worth in coins?

1 yocash = 100 coins

How much yoville yocash do you get with a 10 gift card?

75 yocash :)

How do you gift yocash on yoville?

You can't gift or even trade yocash in voville . If you want you can buy a yocash item and gift or trade it to your buddy

How do you change yocoins to yocash in YoVille?

you cant you only can change yocash to yocoins

Can you change yocoins to yocash?

no. you can only get yocash by answering free surveys or joing promotions that you see when you start the game or just buy it.although you can convert yocash to coins in the bank for 1 yocash to 100 yocoins. most players would just buy yocash stuff and sell it to trade to get a better yield like 1 yocash to 400 or 500 yocoins.

Yoville yo cash how to get it?

buy yocash with credit card or just go to event and find yocash dealer or people who are selling yocash stuff for coins

How can you buy yocash with facebook credits?

You Go to the bank and goinside and click where it says " Buy Yocash with Facebook Credits" real simple i have 99999 yocash cause of that!

How do you earn yo cash in YoVille?

There is no longer the earn yocash for free. If you want to pay for yocash in a different way. While playing yoville, click the "EARN YOCASH".

How do you change coins into yocash?

You can only convert Yocash into coins, not the other way around. You have to buy Yocash with real money using PayPal. Or you can try to ask other people who have Yocash to trade with you for coins. But they will probably give you a bad exchange rate.

How you can add free yocash in yoville?

i want free yocash my email is

How do you change yocash to coins in YoVille?

Go to the bank and click the saying BUY YOCOINS WITH YOCASH or something like that___________________________________________If you do that you will only get 100 to 1(100 coins to one yocash) your betteroff buying somthing with the yocash and then trade the item, this way you willget about 400 to 1.

What happens when you reach level 50 on YoVille?

u will get free stuff maybe yocash or yocash stuff

How can you give yocash on YoVille in trade?

You can't trade yocash on yoville in trade, if someone did, you have got scammed(:

How do you get yo cash 4 free?

go on the top bar and click on earn and it has a simbole of yocash do a survey to earn yocash or buy a item from a paticular shop to earn a various ammount of yocash

How do you trade YoCash?

You can't

Is there a way to get Free yocash in a quiz without phone?

There is no such thing as free yocash. Yocash is REAL money. You cant cheat Zynga off of real money. Don't be lazy, walk over to Target & get yourself a giftcard for only $10. It comes with 50 Yocash. C'mon do it.HAVE FUNNN. >.-- yOVillE lOVERR

How do you get yoville yocash pins?

You need to buy a Zynga game card from stores or online in order to get a YoCash game code.

How do you earn yocash in YoVille without credit card?

You can answer survey and it will give you at least 1 or 2; install yoville tool bar and that will give you 12 yocash; open cottage box and it will probably give you 2 yocash.

You want some cash in YoVille free?

Well, unless you have a good cheat engine and some skills to go with it, yocash costs real money. You can find a Yocash dealer that will buy yocash things for you and make you trade coins for it, but that obviously isn't "free", nor is it really "yocash". Sorry for the sad answer, but I hope it helped.

How can you get yo cash in YoVille without using creit card?

You can buy YoCash gift cards in stores. $10 will get you 50 YoCash.