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How do you stop a curse that has been placed on a family name?


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September 12, 2011 10:11PM

How to Break a Curse

The most successful way to break any curse is to not believe in it. Throughout history 100% of people that have suffered ill effects from curses have believed in the curse, whereas there has never been a well-documented case of a curse affecting:

a) someone who didn't know they had been cursed or

b) someone who didn't believe they had been cursed.

If breaking the curse with disbelief sounds too far-fetched, you can try option B listed below.

1.cover yourself and the person being prayed for with the blood of Jesus-with every prayer. ask the lord to cover you even when you start to read the bible or pray.when you wake up . the first thing you need to do. so your mind will be covered.

2.bind the strong man-this is the chief demon in a person

3.break the curse-"in the name of Jesus i break the curse of death in Jesus name"

4.break the stronghold of the curse-"in Jesus name i break the stronghold of the curse of death in Jesus name".

5.break the power behind the curse-"i break the power behind the curse of death in Jesus name"

6.remove it be saying you take autority over in the name of Jesus-"i take aurthority over the curse of death in Jesus name

7.ask Jesus to put it under his blood-"dear lord Jesus i ask that you put this curse of death under you precious blood".

8.ask that his blood would would take away remove and wash away the curse

9.speak life and speak blessing against the cureses. has to be the way about every curse.

10.ask the holy spirit to fill them-its the human spirit that is being filled. also the mind or body. or the human heart. their are demons behind the curse. always a demon behind a curse-always.

the power behind the curse is a demon that enforces it.

break the curse and then cast out the demon

these instructions may do for you now but if it becomes repetitious or religious then the lord will not lead that way. but these are just general guidelines.