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How do you get a mane tail for your horse in horse academy?

When you are in the horses stable, go to equip button in the column on the left, the icon of a horses mane, then choose your mane

What could it be if a horses mane falls out?

Losing the mane can come from many different things. Cushing's Disease causes the horse to become overly hairy. Usually mane loss is due to rubbing the mane out on a fence, tree, etc. Sometimes mane loss is due to another horse or animal eating it. If you are concerned about your horse's health, consult your veterinarian for a diagnosis and treatment. Sometimes horses can have cushiness deseise, but you should really talk to a vet about that one.....

How do gypsies steal horses?

They put a small plait in the mane of the horse. Usually, they'll get another gypsy to get back later that night to feel the horses to see which have been marked/plaited and they then steal them. If you own a horse and you find a plait in your horses mane, take it out straight away.

How much hair do horses have in their mane?

Well it depends on the type of horse. For example a Quarter horse has a lot of hair in its mane but others don't.

Do horses have a part of their mane on their forehead?

the hair on the forehead of a horse is an extension of the mane, however it is referred to as a forelock

When you clip or shave part of a horses mane what is it called?

The correct term for a horse with a shaven mane and forelock is 'hogged' The correct term for a horse with a shaven mane but still has a forelock is 'Roached'

Does a horse has a mane?

Yes a horse has a mane, located on the top of the neck generally extending from the poll (bump between the horses ears) to the withers (the large amount of muscle connecting the base of the neck to the horses back.

Are there any black horses with white mane and tails?

It is possible for a horse to be black with a white mane and tail. Two examples might be a paint or pinto horse.

What are palomino horses?

A palomino horse is a horse who has a white mane and tail, and a goldish light brown coat.

Why do horse have a mane?

many bioligists have belief that horses have manes so if a preditor were to attack them and go for the mane, the horse would be able to get away with out to much pain, or blood.

Do horses have fur?

The coat of the horse as well as it's mane and tail are referred to as hair.

What is a bay cob?

it is a horse when you get horses with brown bodies and black mane and tails then that horse is therefore bay so it would be the breed of horse which is "cob" so it is a cob that has a brown body and a black mane and tail.

What type of skin covering does a horse have?

horses skin covering is fur and the mane and tail are hair

Is the mane of a Bay horse black?

Yes. All bay horses have black manes. (and tails)

What is a horse like?

A horse is different colour and has different types of horses like the red bay and lots/may more different types of horses. A horse has a tail, a mane, ears, nose, mouth, and a body.

What do you call the hair at the back of the horse?

This is called the horse's tail. The tail is the hair on the horses behind but the hair on the horses neck is called the mane.

Where on a horses body is the withers?

The horse withers is at the end of the mane right above the shoulders. Hope that helps! :)

Do people kill horses to get their hair?

No not typically. A horse will have it's tail chopped off or it's mane shaved. But typically the horse will not be killed.

What is it called when you cut a horses mane?

when you clip the mane close to the horses neck it is called a hogged mane, so if you were cutting the mane off, then you would say you were hogging his mane.

Should you cut a horses mane?

No, you shouldn't literally put a pair of scissors to your horses mane unless you want a bush growing from your neck. Pulling is more appropriate for manes. Get a pulling comb for horses with thin manes or if your horse has a thick mane solo combs work well. However, if you use a solo comb on a horse with a thin mane then you will end up with the same results as you would have from cutting it with scissors. Before pulling make sure you know how to do it, so you don't distress your horse or make him look like a fool.

What is a sentence for mane?

One breed of horse will have a mane that is quite different from another breed in the way it grows, the texture and length.

How do you spell horsesss?

The word horse is singular.The possessive form is horse's (about or belonging to a horse, or to all horses e.g. a horse's mane).The word horses is plural.The possessive form is horses' (no s), meaning about or belonging to a distinct group of two or more horses (e.g. the horses' stable)

Is it only male horses that have manes?

no, all horses have manes unless the owner has decided to 'hog' the horse (cut its mane off) or it rubs it out on a fence etc.

How do you know if a horse or pony is a horse of pony?

a_pony_is_14.2_hands_and_under_and_a_horse_is_any_thing_over_that">a pony is 14.2 hands and under and a horse is any thing over thatUNLESS, it is a miniature horse. Miniature horses look exactly like full size horses, just smaller. Miniature size A horse is 34 inches or under measured at the last hair of the mane. Miniature Size B is 34 to 38 inches at the last hair of the mane.

What does abay fillyHORSE look like?

A filly is a baby female horse. And "Bay" is a horse with a dark mane and tail and a chestnut coat! Beautiful horses! :D

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