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You back away or you can't.

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Q: How do you stop alpacas kicking?
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Will cramping stop baby from kicking?


How can you stop kicking people?

lol erm...

How do you stop someone from kicking over your trash can in Sims 2?

I really don't think that there is anyway to stop someone from kicking ur trash can srry!!

How do get black widow to stop kicking you on Super Villain Island?

She only stops kicking you when she stops to laugh at you.

How do you get your horse to stop kicking other horses?

Separate them.

How do you stop your brother from leaving?

By kicking him in the nards (if he has any).

How do you stop a taekwondo girl from kicking you?

Run away

Are there different alpacas?

Yes, there are different kinds of alpacas. Two kinds are Huacaya Alpacas and Suri Alpacas

Are alpacas invertebrates?

No, Alpacas have spines.

How do you stop Punkbuster from kicking you in Battlefield Heroes?

Dont hack -_-

What is the collective noun for a group of Alpacas?

Some collective nouns for alpacas are an inflation of alpacas, others are a flock or a herd of alpacas.

Are alpacas realated to camels?

Yes, Alpacas are in the camelid family, camels, llamas, vicuna and alpacas

How do you get a child to stop kicking the back of your seat in a car?

You tell them! You scream at them, if you have to. If they don't stop, just punish them.

How well do alpacas see?

Alpacas have exceptional eyesight.

Where do Alpacas originate from?

Alpacas originate from South America

Are alpacas harmfull?

Alpacas are not harmfull. They are very gentle

Do alpacas have horns?

No, alpacas don't have horns

What are adult alpacas called?

Adult alpacas are called Alpacas. the don't change with age, breed etc.

Will two mares ever get along that constantly try kicking at one another?

Most times, but not always, the kicking will stop when the pecking order is established when one of the mares dominant over the other and the other recognized the dominance. If the kicking does not stop after two or three weeks then they will have to be separated.

What is made from the wool of alpacas?

Cloth is made from the wool of alpacas.

What country are alpacas native to?

Alpacas are native to South America

Are alpacas the best animal in the world?

If you really love alpacas, they are.

Do alpacas live in Romania?

Alpacas doesn't live in Romania.

Are alpacas extinct?

Alpacas are domesticated and at no risk of going extinct.

How many alpacas are left in the wild?

There are no wild alpacas today.