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Replace the seal.

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Q: How do you stop condensation in Ford Probe Taillights?
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How do you stop condensation in Dodge Magnum taillights?

i heard u can drill tiny holes in them and they will stay dry...tiny holes in the bottom on each side

Why does a 93 Ford Probe jumps while you stop?

If it is an automatic than it is probably the torque converter

How can you stop condensation?

You can't really stop condensation its literally just water forming as air. By removing cold surfaces such as glass you are able to stop condensation -RF

How come 1993 Ford Probe GT starts fine but when you come to a stop it stalls but it will start back up?

Your idle air controle valve.

Why is there condensation in the loft?

the hot rises and when met with the cool air it forms condensation if u have a tin roof put a fales roof in this will stop the condensation

My 93 ford probe overheats when im on the gas but when you stop and idle it cools down?

Could be a leak in the head gasket. From the cylinder to the coolant chambers. Have your cooling system pressure checked.

Can you caulk your windshield to stop condensation?

Condensation is the 'condensing of water/water vapor already within your car. Caulking the windshield, inside or out, will NOT stop condensation. To reduce the water droplets/condensation on the windows inside your car, turn on the air conditioning system and/or slightly open a rear window for better air flow.

Your 1991 ford probe gt turbo turns off when you come to a stop what could cause this to happen?


Where is the fuse for a 300ZX taillights?

It is the fuse that says stop light under the hood in the fuse box on the driver's side of the car.

How can you stop condensation from forming on copper plumbing pipe?

Insulate cold water lines and fittings as much as possible to help with condensation issue.

Where in the electrical system on a ford probe will cause the fan to stop even though there is electric at the fan and at the fan speed switch and a new fan resistor ac will work heating system works?

Should be thermostat controlled-meaning it is supposed to stop at times

Why would a 1996 ford probe gt start overheating when at a stop but not have any problems while driving?

bad water pump bad water pump check and see if the fan works too.

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