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How do you stop liking a guy?

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Keep busy so that your mind is on other things, go on dates with new people, and masturbate more.

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How do you get girl to stop liking a guy and start liking you?

Tell her she has beautiful eyes.

How you stop liking a guy?

You cant just stop liking a guy. You need to find out why you like the guy and if it is healthy to like the guy. Let me know the situation and I will give you some suggestions.

How do you tell if a guy stopped liking you?

when a guy stops liking you he will usually stop being around you and he will act in a different way

How do you stop a guy from liking you?

make yourself disgusting

Can a guy just stop liking you if he thinks you like another guy?

Well, it depends how much the guy likes you

How long do shy girls like a guy?

I'm a shy girl. I usually stop liking a guy if he doesn't show signs of liking me back within a week.

I like this guy but you are taller than him could this stop him from liking you?

if he is not a shallow guy it wont. but if he is it will and if it does he is not the kin of guy you want to like! simple as that

What do you do if people tease you for liking a guy that you actually dont like?

You just accuse them of liking someone and then say you'll spread a rumor about them. Then they will stop.

What do you do if you like a guy and tell him so and then stop liking him?

tell him you dont like him anymore

How do you stop a guy liking your friend and like you instead?

You're messed up. A guy isn't worth ruining a friendship.

Why do girls stop liking guys?

A girl may stop liking guys due to various reasons. While one girl may stop liking guys due to her constant struggle with a particular guy (or guys) in her life, others may stop liking guys because they simply no longer strive for men. The answer will vary significantly when placed on the individual's situation.

What do you do if your best friend likes who you like?

stop liking the guy or girl that yall both like

Why is it when you like a guy then they start liking you back that you always stop liking them?

That is called "You want what you can't have" When that guy starts to like you, it makes u feel that boy is sort of 'clingy'. But if they stop liking you then u feel like you need to try to win them back. Ive gotten that feeling many times & it's frustrating.

Your friend went out with a guy and they broke up now the guy likes you and you like him should you stop liking him?

Talk to your friend about it first.

How do you get a boy to stop liking a friend?

ask that friend if they like that guy or not. if they dont then have them go up to the guy and tell them that,m but carefully.

How can you get your guy friend to stop liking you?

You cannot stop anyone from liking you. It is a good thing that he likes you. If you do not want to be involved with him in anything other than friendship, then say so. He will surely understand. If not, you cannot do much about it.

Why does a guy that likes you stop coming around?

he is wanting to see if he still lieks you, or has stopped liking you altogether.

What if the guy you really like smacked you on your face?

You stop liking him. That's inappropriate and unacceptable. I'd be ticked.

How do you make a guy stop liking you after you stuff with him?

ignore him, tell him no, if he insists, smack him and run, be sure to have people with you

What r signs of a guy liking a married woman?

Same as a guy liking a single woman.

How do you stop liking a guy if they have a girlfriend?

You might not ever stop liking the guy, the best thing you can do is to just try not to think about him in any way other than being a friend. This may be hard but it is a part of life, if you are just unable to get over him try telling him how you feel about him any ways.

How do you stop liking your ex boyfriend?

If you can't stop liking him than why did you break up?

If a guy likes you but you do not like him how can you get him to stop liking you?

just totally ignore him and eventually he will get bored and stop.but if u talk or look at him at all (or maybe even kick him) he will keep on liking u. i have this problem and i hate it! in fact its my ex and he STILL likes me!so, this is how u get them to stop liking u.

If your a it normal to fancy your best friend?

it can be normal, it can happen to any oneGirls liking their guy friendsGuys liking their girl friendsGuys liking their guy friendsGirls liking their girl friends

Why do girls stop liking guys once they know that they can have them?

what i mean is when theres a guy i have a crush on, i get him to like me, then i dont like him. why is that?