How do you stop muscle twitches of your eyelid or cheek or above your temple and why do they happen?

Stress induced most of the time, other reasons could be nerve damage, anxiousness, anxiety and you can stop it with pressure most of the time. Eyes can be closed real tight for about 15-20 sec. and the cheek just hold it with your hand opened and pushing on your cheek where it twitches.

If you drink too much caffiene, you will get eye twitching from time to time. Add that with stress, smoking and not eating right and it will happen more frequently.

I was told by my Dr. that my eye twitching was a lack of magnesium which can be brought on by too much caffiene or stress.

I have also been told that lack of Potassium causes eyelid twitching. Eat a banana or two and eyelid twitches DO go away.