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How do you stop noise pollution?

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discuss it to every one in your country and write an application to president for this kind of unwanted noise to stop it

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Slogans to stop noise pollution?

stop noise become wise

How you can reduce noise pollution?

Stop making noise

How to stop the noise pollution?


Slogan for NOISE pollution?

we hate the sound ,stop the noise

What are the Slogans related to stop noise pollution?

the more you make NOISE the faster you lose your VOICE

How can you reduce the level of noise?

to reduce noise pollution we can stop using vehicles and use cycles.

How do you solve noise pollution that is harming the whales?

Just stop. Stop. That is all, stop. Stop. Stop now! Stop!!

How can noise pollution be reduced?

noise pollution is a very nasty noise which can damage your ears. people become deaf because of noise pollution! how to stop noise pollution, well, everyone has to play their part really. when your down the street don't shout or scream, building men could possibly work a little quieter, cars could reduce on speeding (actually, the less cars on the road, the better!) these are the sort of things which can stop noise pollution. trust me, it's a horrible thing! my great friend became death because of noise pollution! please, if you have a comment on my answer please comment!

What is being done to stop noise pollution?

Noise pollution refers to the overwhelming cacophony of sounds that people constantly experience when they live in big cities. The best way to reduce noise pollution is to wear noise canceling headphones, and to bike or walk whenever possible.

What is being done to stop noise pollution in oceans?

There is some evidence that suggests that whales beach themselves because of noise coming from navy ships. The navy probably won't do much about this. So there is nothing being done to stop noise pollution in oceans.

What do you mean by noise polllution?

noise pollution is a noise which afect the pollution

How are people trying to help blue whales?

They are working together to stop the noise and stop whaling.Also they are trying to stop pollution

Introduction to noise pollution?

introdution of noise pollution

What are the objectives of noise pollution?

noise pollution objective

Noise pollution slogans?

a sweet slogan about noise pollution

Does coal cause noise pollution?

no it does not produce noise pollution

Why is noise pollution bad?

You can go deaf from too much noise, or noise pollution.

What are the noise pollutions?

Environmental pollution caused by too much noise is called noise pollution.

Famous noise pollution quotes?

rock and roll is not noise pollution

Who tried to stop noise pollution?

Charles Babbage, designer of the first programmable computer, carried on a famous struggle against street musicians. He may have been the first person noted for trying to stop noise pollution, but he is a man with millions of supporters.

What is water and noise pollution?

Water pollution: is the contamination of water with pollutants. Noise pollution: a noise above the permitted limit in a given environment.

Why is noise pollution improtant?

noise pollution is important because noise effects animals and people by stress

Does water create noise pollution?

yes water create noise pollution

Why do people think noise is noise pollution?

Noise pollution is noise that is so excessive that it disturbs the balance of human or animal life.

What is the data analysis of noise pollution?

It is because of the noise the 'vehicles' are making and of course the noise of all the creature on earth makes the noise pollution!