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Abortion at a clinic or hospital.

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Q: How do you stop pregnancy in the first month?
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Can you have colostrum with in the first month of your pregnancy?

Yes, especially if it is not your first pregnancy

What medicine to take to stop one month pregnancy?


Can pregnancy happen the first month taking clomid?

Yes pregnancy can happen in the first month while taking clomid

Can you have a period the first month of pregnancy?

No. A mild bleed in the first month of pregnancy is usually due to implantation, and can mimic menstruation.

Do you get insomnia in the first month of pregnancy?

It is a possible and common symptom of pregnancy.

How do you stop pregnancy with in a month?

There's really no choice except abortion.

How can you stop pregnancy after 2 month?

Usually surgical abortion by a doctor.

How to stop two month pregnancy?

You have to see a doctor for a surgical abortion.

How do you stop spotting in your 6th month of pregnancy?

See your doctor IMMEDIATELY.

What is the first month of pregnancy called?

It is part of the first trimester

Can you have a period first month of pregnancy?

No, you cannot have a period the first month of pregnancy or at any other time during pregnancy. Menstruation occurs if the egg has not been fertilised, and you cannot menstruate during pregnancy.

What is the first month symptoms of pregnancy?

hi first month symptoms of pregnancy include possible vomiting in the mornig or even if a smell bothers the person sometimes theyll get sick if the person does not have a period that they can recall for that month increase in eating habits and eating things that normally would disgust them mood swings and i think ill stop there for the first month i hope i helped!

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