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Click the button once

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Q: How do you stop the horn from sounding when locking a Toyota?
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What might stop the horn from working if the horn is good on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

It could be the horn relay, a defective fuse or a shorted wiring. Need to check the wiring first, then the fuse and lastly the horn relay.

How do you stop your clarion stereo from sounding its alarm?

You push the button to stop it

How do you turn off a Hyundai car alarm?

On 2003 Tibron when you set the alarm off do the following, while the horn is sounding turn key to ACC, roll the driver window down and wait for horn to stop then wait 30 seconds and start the car.

What is an Organ stop called that is fluty sounding?


Honda civic horn sounding continuously?

First, disconnect the battery to stop the horrid noise! The switch for the horn is in the center of the steering wheel - it may be tricky to get to this switch with an air bag unit in the steering wheel, something best left to a professional repair facility.

How do you stop your computer from locking?

That depends on the computer type, but try going into the settings and changing the locking settings.

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She grew up.

200 Pontiac grand am and your horn wont stop honking?

horn will not stop honking on my 2004 pontica grand am

How can you stop the doors from locking automatically on a ford focus?

I would locate the fuse in the fuse box and remove the fuse, that's not fixing the problem but it will stop the automatic locking.

2001 Lincoln ls and horn stop working?

yes horn is not working

How do you stop a stuck horn on a 300C Chrysler 2006?

Pull the fuse for the horn.

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