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Get treatment for the yeast infection. However I am allergic to the commonest treatment (clotrimazole) so have to take fluconazole.

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2006-04-02 00:56:18
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Q: How do you stop vaginal swelling due to a yeast infection?
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How do you stop vaginal itching and swelling?

It may be a yeast infection. Grab a monistat 3. If that does not work grab a monistat 7. :)

Can you sit in a salt bath to stop vaginal swelling and itching?

You most likely have a yeast infection. The salt bath would only make it more irritable. See a doctor or look for over the counter meds at the pharmacy..

Can you ice your vagina to stop swelling from a yeast infection?

Yes, although you should not leave the ice on for long periods of time. Yeast infection generally do not cause significant swelling, so if this occurs you should speak with your doctor as it may not be a yeast infection. If you feel any signs of vaginal infection, it is always smart to consult a doctor or a nurse. Bacterial infections are often mistaken for yeast infections but can only be treated with antibiotics, which you cannot obtain OTC. If you cannot see a doctor and are sure that you have a yeast infection, you may purchase OTC yeast treatments. However, if your symptoms last more than 7 days you should consult a doctor immediately.

Can a yeast infection stop your period?

No it will not.

Can a vaginal infection stop your period?

Yes, a vaginal infection can stop your period. This is because the PH balance can get messed up and stop the entire menstrual cycle.

Can vaginal infection stop ovulation?

No, vaginal infection will not stop ovulation. Infections have no direct variation with ovulation or fertility. However, one should avoid infection while pregnant.

Can a period stop a yeast infection?

It is not likely that a period can clear a yeast infection. A yeast infection, however, can clear up on its own without treatment. Recurrence is not uncommon.

You had diarrhea and some of the stool got in your vaginal you start to itch how can you stop the iching?

Try a little monistat cream from over the counter. It may lead to a yeast infection.

How you can stop vaginal swelling?

Just nasty fo get tested for HIV! Go see a doctor

Could some swelling in the vaginal area be caused by wearing a thong or could it be a yeast infection or something else?

It could be anything, get tested for infections and stop wearing a thong. Going commando is healthiest (not with tight pants though). If you wear panties always wear cotton. Boy shorts are very fashionable right now.

What at home products can stop a yeast infection?

There is no home remedy for yeast infection, there's only things you can avoid that can cause it; wearing tight thongs, using perfumed soap and having dry sex and things you can do to make your vagina healthy like drinking plain yogurt which helps cleanse the internal vaginal area.

How does taking a baking soaking bath stop vaginal itching?

No. Itching is usually caused by a yeast infection. If you also have a thick white discharge you have a yeast infection. The baking soda will do nothing. Go to the drug store and get Monstate 7. Follow the directions on the box and use it for 7 days. No sex because you can give it to your partner.

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