Water Pollution

How do you stop water pollution?

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to stop water pollution the public should stop littering in the water which can kill any sea creatures living there

Be the solution to water pollution! Be the solution, stop pollution. Don't pollute the water. You may have to drink it. Join the revolution, stop pollution. Make a motion to save the ocean. Stop pollution quick. Don't make the water sick. The water you pollute might someday be your own. Trash my politics, not my water.

You would have to remove all life from the planet to stop water pollution.

we should stop water pollution as we need fresh water for our survival and for our future. if we stop polluting water then the little fish can live in the oceans. we should not disturb the cycle.

by not putting pollutants in water

- Water is pure. Pollution is man made. Stop polluting water.

To stop water pollution to get less boats in the water like 20 boats at a time in lakes so that it doesent kill any of the tropical fish.

that is a simple answer. stop polluting the water you idiots.

To stop water pollution, existing laws should be enforced. They are there to keep the water supply clean they just need to be enforced a little bit harder. Driving less will help stop water pollution as well as using less plastic.

you can stop it by not dumping things down the drane and dumping it out side.

Join the revolution Avoid the retribution, Make a resolution' To stop water pollution

Dispose of pollutants properly.

Some of the major types of water pollutants are chemical pollution, nutrient pollution, and microbial pollution. Ways to reduce microbiological pollution are by having facilities to clean the water. To reduce nutrient pollution stop using fertilizers and to reduce chemical pollution monitor companies more closely to stop them from dumping chemicals into the water.

They are trying to find plans to stop it.

Yes you can stop water pollution. Don't use chemical fertilizers near ditches and water drainage. Don't waste clean water. Use plants other than grass because lawns waste water and energy.

you can stop land pollution by recycling.

we can stop this pollution by throwing booms.

You can help stop water pollution by Throwing away your garbage, instead of throwing it on the ground (littering) Also by keeping the Earth clean and fresh! I hope this helped you figure your questoion out!

Thermal pollution can be reduced by recycling and to stop dumping our harmful waste in natural bodies of water.

I believe that the objective to which we aspire is to have less water pollution, rather than to have a better quality of pollution in our water. Pollution, by definition, is a bad thing. You cannot have good quality pollution. In any event, the primary method of reducing pollution is to stop industry from discharging toxic substances into bodies of water. This requires government regulation.

So that we can all live healthy lives.

by cleaning our bowls we can stop personal pollution

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