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Don't put your shoes in the same wash

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Q: How do you stop your blue jeans from turning your white shoes blue?
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What color shoes do you wear with blue jeans?

Any type or color of Shoes would look good with blue jeans.I wear sneakers. But you could wear just about any kind of shoes with blue jeans. Especially if your blue jeans are a dark color or a very light color.

Why does dark blue jeans stain white shoes?

With a brand-new pair of jeans, it is possible to rub the indigo dye off with your hand, so it's no surprise it will stain white shoes. The solution is to wash the jeans - long cycle, and preferably twice - before wearing them.

Why does blue dye from your jeans get on white sneakers?

Because your jeans have been double-dyed to get that dark blue color. They need to be washed several times and then the dye will stop bleeding out onto your shoes.

What would you wear with blue shoes?

Extreme yellow! My choice would be white jeans , black dress, maybe beige.

How was the blue jeans invented?

They coloured in white jeans.

Does blue jeans go together with white sneakers?

Yes, blue jeans and white sneakers go togather.

Do you say Tom was wearing a blue Jeans comma and a white and brown cap or Tom was wearing a blue Jeans and a white and brown cap With or without the comma?

No article goes with blue jeans, and no comma goes in the sentence. It should read Tom was wearing blue jeans and a white and brown cap. I think with comma blue jeans, and a white and brown cap

What color shoes to wear with a pink dress shirt and blue jeans?

Wear pink or yellow shoes or any really light color with a pink dress shirt and blue jeans.

What kind of shoes go with a blue blazer and blue jeans?

red shoes would look fabulous, darling x vans

What color shoes wear with lime green shirt and white pants?

You can either wear white shoes or a metallic-colored shoe, or a shoe with brightly colored patterns. Avoid black or brown shoes with this outfit.

What long sleeves will match the color red pants?

Light Blue Jeans Dark Blue Jeans Black White or black and white patterned bottoms

What does the people in china dress like?

Well my son is 15 and he came from China last year, he was wearing blue jeans, running shoes and a white T-shirt