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How do you stop your dog from eating wood chips?


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There are two methods, but you have to be on your toes to catch the dog in action:

Usually dogs that do this are "acting out" just as people do. Animals can become frustrated, nervous and lonely. Be sure your dog is getting lots of "running" exercise and walks. Pent up dogs (especially large ones) that are either chained up (they should never be) or constantly in their yard can pick up strange and wonderful habits. It's best to let the dog in with the family at certain times as well (especially large dogs who are often left outside.) They get lonely, are your protectors and therefore, like wild dogs, love to be with the pack ..... the pack is you and your family. Dogs like attention so ask yourself if you have been working late or too busy to give the usual love and attention you have given your pet in the past. If you have a large dog get those large rawhide bones so that they can chew on it. Dogs love to chew! Even little dogs! If your dog is gets plenty of exercise they usually don't pick up these habits. Get an empty cylinder from a long box of aluminum foil and place a medium sized chain inside (secure it at one end.) When you see the dog after the mulch bang the cylinder (CHAIN IS INSIDE AND WON'T HURT THE DOG) right next to the dog. It makes a terrible noise and will make the dog back off. NEVER HIT THE DOG WITH THIS CYLINDER. Repeat this action each time he/she tries to eat mulch. OR

Get an used Windex plastic bottle with a sprayer on it. Be sure the bottle AND NOZZLE are completely washed. Fill it with cold water. When you catch your dog eating the mulch, spritz the cold water in the areas of their nose and mouth. This will usually stop it as well.


If your dog is actually INGESTING (swallowing) wood chips then perhaps his diet is lacking in some important nutrient. Try changing his dog food. (If that doesn't work, feed him some graphite and maybe you'll get pencils out the other end!) But seriously, try the food first, & good luck.


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If your dog is in labor, she will be very uncomfortable, she will stop eating, she will be laying down and having contractions.

Dogs will eat a variety of different things. Some are less healthy then other things, Dogs will not normally eat enough wood chips to be a problem. If you are still concerned you may wish to call your vet.

Remove the clothes from your dog. Tap lightly on it's nose and say "NO", gently but firmly.

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