How do you stop your little brothers from mistreating cats?

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Explain to them that it's wrong, illegal; and if you're religious, that God sees it as a sin. If that doesn't work, then someone might need a butt whippin'.

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Q: How do you stop your little brothers from mistreating cats?
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bribe them

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A person can stop hurting their little brothers by treating them with respect. This means a person should avoid any type of rough play, which may eventually cause injury.

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Tell him, if you don't stop right now, we'll ALL become a zombie.

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I have two male cats that are brothers. Midnight keeps dominating Harvest. How do you stop Midnight from doing this?

It is quite natural for male cats, and female cats, to dominate each other, even if they are kin. If they aren't spayed, the fighting problem may be worse than if they were. If they are spayed, there really isn't much you can do to stop them from fighting. Again, it is entirely natural and is an instinct.

Do female cats bleed after surgery?

Every cat bleeds a little after surgery. But the vets give you some medicine to stop the bleeding.

If you had 2 cats how can you tell the cats are both brothers or sisters?

You could check for any simularities in their looks (eye color, fur thickness, etc.) Or you could stop by a vet and get their blood tested if you are obsessed with the answer, but it's kinda costly. :)

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Little Brothers: Little brothers are not old enough to get that they are misbehaving- or if they are old enough, they are trying to get attention. Try to be nice to them and give them attention. Explain how they can be better. Older Brothers: Older brothers are more mature and probably know they are being mean. Sometimes it is to get attention, and sometimes they are in rotten moods. Be nice to them and explain how you feel about them.

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start staying naked while you are in your room. they will probably start knocking after they walk in after a few times.

Can you get cats to stop spraying?

get them fixed

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