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Ask for a pill with more estrogen.


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Yes. If it is the pill that you are taking, you will still get your period. It is only contraceptives such as the shot or implant that stop your period.

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The first pill is taken on the first day of your period.

My OBGYN told me that it should begin 3-14 days after you stop taking it.

If you are taking a birth control pill with active and inactive pills, you should begin having your period while you are taking the inactive pills - usually 2-3 days into them. If you are taking seasonale, you will have 4 periods per year.

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It's variable. No single answer. It can be a couple of weeks after finishing the last provera tablet.

not a period but its called spotting it happens at the beginning of your period

Your period should come monthly.

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Wait until you have had your period, and then begin taking the new pack the Sunday after your period is done. Good luck!

I just stopped taking pills on July 1st. If I kept taking them, I would have started a new pack of pills on the 11th. My doctor told me it would take about 5 days to start. I started my period on July 4th so it was even sooner.

Usually after day 28. But break through bleeding is normal in the first 3 months.

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The hormone which is responsible for puberty is oestrogen Also estradiol is another hormone which leads to girls getting their periods.

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Eggs are not actually developed. They are always there in your ovaries, they just don't come down until after your period. They begin to come down soon after your period stops.

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