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How do you string a guitar?

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every guitar bridge these days is different but its the same concept, slide the string through the bottom part and slide it up to the top of the neck and into the tuner and twist until you hear notes again.

YouTube really can help if you're a visual learner

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Where is the a string on the guitar?

second thickest if its a 4 string bass or 6 string guitar

What is a guitar with 5 string called?

a five string guitar

What guitar string is the top line for guitar tabs?

The top line of a guitar tab is the high E string on the guitar, or the bottom string when looking down at the neck. (The thinnest string)

What is the smallest string number on a guitar?

The lowest string on a guitar is an E .........

What to do if your guitar string pops?

you go to a guitar shop and get another string

Which string is the top string on a guitar?

top as in thickest is the E on a 6 string ... heaviest top string on a 7 string guitar is a B

What is the difference between 6 string and 5 string bass guitar?

on a five string bass guitar there are five strings, and on a six string bass guitar there are six strings

What string is the sixth string on a guitar?

The 6th string on a guitar is the finest, highest pitched string. Although it is located at the bottom of the the guitar neck, it is called the 'top string' because it has the highest tone (when in tune).

What is the a string?

fifth string on a guitar

How many strings does a six string guitar have?

A six-string guitar has 6 strings on it, hence the name "six-string" guitar. ,- Roxas Riku

How do you string 6 string electric guitar?

How many tuning pegs does a guitar have?

Depends on how many strings the guitar has, A regular six string guitar will have six, a seven string guitar will have seven, a twelve string guitar will have twelve. Same thing with bass guitars Regular four string has four tuning pegs where as a five string bass has five,

What string on the guitar is the same as a Violin's A string?

G string.

Is the guitar a string or wind instrument?


What the thickness of a guitar string?

The thickness of a guitar string is the outside diameter of the string measured in inches, discussed in thousandths of an inch.

On a guitar which string is e?

There are two. E can be the first string, and also the 6th string. Evidently, the E string (6th) is the lowest note on the guitar.

What is the a-string on a guitar?

The A string is the second string and the second thickest string.

How many strings are on a twelve string guitar?

A twelve-string guitar has 12 strings on it, hence the name "twelve-string" guitar. Hope it helps,- Roxas Riku

Does a 7-string guitar have an extra low string or high string?

A 7 string guitar has an additional low note - usually tuned to B.

When you release a guitar string what kind of energy?

A guitar string being plucked is mechanical energy.

How do you say guitar string in French?

A guitar string is "une corde de guitare" in French.

What is the uses of the string rod?

string rod is like a string of a guitar

What is the lowest note on an acoustic guitar and where is it on a bass guitar?

The lowest note on an acoustic guitar is an open E, on the E string. the equivalent note on a bass guitar is the second fret of the D string, or the 7th fret of the A string, or the 12 fret of the E string..

What is the diefference with in a 6 string guitar and a 12 string guitar?

A six string guitar has six strings, tuned EADGBE. A twelve string has the same strings, except each string is accompanied with and octave string, with the exception of the high e. These two strings are tuned in unison.

What are the three basic guitar strings?

Depending on whether you're playing on a bass guitar or a 6-string guitar, there are either 4 or 6 main strings, all of which are equally important. The notes associated with a string are heard when the string is plucked without any frets pressed down. Bass guitar: String 1: E String 2: A String 3: D String 4 (thinnest): G 6-String Guitar: String 1: E String 2: A String 3: D String 4: G String 5: B String 6 (thinnest): E