How do you strip and seal vinyl floors?

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waxing kentile I have old (20 plus probably) Kentile flooring in my home that I would like to wax. They are very dull and only stay shiny for a short period of time when I wax them with just a generic floor wax such as Johnsons or Armstrong. Does anyone know the proper procedure for cleaning, sealing, waxing this type of floor? Vinyl flooring is the easiest flooring to maintain. It cleans up easily with a myriad of products. I prefer "Armstrong" vinyl floor cleaner. It is available at most supermarkets. Follow the instructions on the label. For deeper cleaning- particularly on textured vinyl- get on your hands and knees and use a scrub brush. I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results.
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How do you lay vinyl flooring on old vinyl flooring?

Industry standards allow for vinyl to be laid directly over existing vinyl as long as the existing is the only layer.. To do so the existing vinyl needs to be free of crackin

What is the average price to strip and wax vinyl tile floor per square ft contractors price?

Depending on the contractor doing it anywhere from .08 - .50 per sqft. 8 cents is a quick and dirty strip and wax and at 50 cents I would expect to be able to read a newspape

How to strip vinyl flooring?

at your local flooring store or hardware store they sell vinyl flooring stripper...if you mean stripping the finish to clean the floor.

Could you put polyurethane on vinyl tile floor to seal it and make more waterproof?

Yes you can, however, ensure that this is the best option beforeexecuting. I do this to reinforce the self-stick vinyl tile andlaminate flooring in my basement and it works gr

What to seal a vinyl floor with for a high gloss look?

Most vinyl flooring comes with finishes from matte to high gloss and do not need any additional treatment. There are products like "no wax waxes" that can add luster to a viny

How can one strip varnish from a vinyl floor?

It depends on if the varnish is water based or oil based. Waterbased can be removed by gently rubbing with a nail brush and soap(it depends how long the varnish has been on th