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How do you study for exams when there are a lot of distractions?

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It depends on what type of distractions you mean. If the distractions are small children than it has been my experience to wait until they are in bed and asleep to study. If the distractions are roommates and then you might want to explain to them that you have to study and shut your bedroom door. What has always helped me is to study in the library at school even just for an hour at a time a few days before the exam and crash an hour the night before. Index cards/flash cards helped me and taking good notes helped me. As the author of this question, I will preserve this as an example of a joke taken too seriously. The original question was "If you are 20 years old and your 12 year-old possibly sociopathic brother chases after your 3 year-old dog with a chainsaw what is the best way to study for third-year biochemistry mid-term exams?" The question was also solely under the Nonsense Questions FAQ (as all joke questions should be) until not one, but two people changed the topic I chose to the one they thought would best answer it were it a serious question: Education. Not only that, one of those people decided to change my question entirely, completely destroying the message I intended to give. (I later learned that serious questions are commonly put in the Nonsense Questions FAQ as a last resort, and this person was a superviser who had seen many instances of that.) I did this as a satire of the immense glut of questions that exist asking "What if your (age between 11 and 19)-year old (daughter/son/girlfriend/boyfriend/brother/sister/friend) is (sociopathic/a pathological liar)?" There are just way too many of these and making the person's age different doesn't really change the answer. Also, the original questions focusing solely on sociopaths and pathological liars enjoy a huge popularity rating and are a much better resource, although it would probably be a better idea to take the question to professionals in the first place. I had done something similar with the question "Is 31254pi a good IQ for a 476 gatch-old male Daskor living in the Triangulum Galaxy?", though I suppose the made-up words made it easier for people to tell it was a joke. It's not a real question. Please don't take it seriously. Props go to Zilly for his original answer, "Use the chain saw to chop your brothers head off!" -Syckls (and if you don't believe me, look in the question history)

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How to pass hsc exams?

study study study.

Any prayer to get good marks in exams m a muslim?

You can say a lot of different prayers before an exams. The Muslim's always pray and study for the hardest exam.

What are the effects of good study habits?

Studying efficiently and being focused with no distractions are good study habits which minimize studying time by a lot, and increase comprehension. You learn a LOT more that way. Students with poor study habits don't know how to learn effectively.

How do you find study materials for Florida teaching subject area exam?

You can call the office that offers the exams and ask for the study guides for the exams you want to take. I also used the AP study books for the subject matter exams that I took in Texas.

How do you pass your medical board exams?


What is the best way to prepare for exams?

To Study!

How do you study efficiently before a week of exams?

no answer

How do you score a 2400 in sat exams?


How do you study for ssc exams?

u don't

What are characteristics of a good study spot?

A place that's quiet and away from distractions

How do you stop worrying for exams?

You can stop worrying about exams if you study well. With the confidence of knowing, the worry disappears.

What are the best study guides for CCNA certification exams?

Exam Edge prepares clients for their certification exams through their proprietary online practice exams that are designed to feel like the real exams & give detailed explanations for every question once the exams have been completed.

Are life insurance license exams hard?

Not if you study hard.

Do you study science for exams or for scientific thrill?

If you are a student, you probably study because you will fail your exams without it. If you are a scientist, learning about the universe around you is the most exciting thing you can imagine doing.

How do you be good in Science subjects?

Study to understand and then study to remember for exams. It also helps to enjoy the subjects.

What is the purpose of monastries?

Monks go there to study whatever religion they believe in, without distractions from the outside world.

How do you study efficiently?

I study efficiently by taking myself to the library and sit at a table in the most quiet section and study. I turn my cell phone off and make sure that there are no other distractions.

How do you study for exams?

Please click on the Related Questions for lots of tips!

How do you prepare for law exams?

Go to class and study the relevant material.

When exams of class 9th federal board will start?

we have to study hard

How do you score high marks in engineering exams?

Study from stander book

How are your study habits affected by the environment?

Your study habits are affected by anything around you and anything within your mind! Where you study can certainly affect you.If you try to study in a place with a lot of distractions - loud music, chit-chat (cellphones, text messages, IMs, chat rooms, social networking websites), computers, video games, TV, or just things going on around you - it's going to be much harder to work and concentrate!The best environment is a quiet one with few distractions - music is OK if it is very soft and has no vocals or loud drums.

How do you get a lot of skickers on first in math?

You get a lot of stickers by getting good scores on the quizzes. You get good scores by studying without distractions.

How do you get your brother to study more for his exams?

Bribe him with something he wants, threaten him with something embarrassing, or offer to help him study.

How to excel in all examinations?

If you work hard and study you will do well in exams. You can also use techniques for helping you to remember things which will be useful in exams.