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Q: How do you study for getting good marks in cfa icfai?
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How should you study for exams to bring good marks?

The best and easiest way to get good marks is to pay attention in class and keep up with your homework. That way, you learn the material as you go along and do not have to try to learn it at the last minute to simply to pass a test. Nothing beats that method for getting good marks.

How do you get good marks for a hard test?

Study hard before the test.

How do you get good marks in MA English?

study wise!

How do you get good marks in ssc exam?

By study and revision

how to attempt the engineering drawing exam for getting pass marks?

good marks in drawing

What is the use of studying linguistics?

Well you get good marks if you study it.

How you study well to get good marks?

well i study by reading the whole chapter or look back at the notes that we did in class..

Is icfai uni. dehradun good compare to vit kiit?


How do I get good marks in MHT-CET exam?

study government board textbook

Which university is good ICFAI or Sikkim Manipal University?

WELL ICFAI is a well known university for its managament prog. Well SMU university is better known for its technical prog.

How do you study in an engineering college with good marks?

Study with full concentration, read with loud voice so that u can hear yourself.

Why should we study?

You should study because you will learn and get goods grades, which can lead to getting a good education and have the opportunity to attend a good college. That can lead to getting a good job in a field of your choice.

Will you pass the class if you do good on the final exam?

if you want to pass the exams with good marks then do hard work or don't study anything in whole year better is to not study..............

Is icfai Hyderabad is good for Engineering?

ICFAI doesnt run any Btech course in Hyderabad. But its Btech course in Dehradun under the name Faculty Of Science And Technology,ICFAI University,Dehradun is a brand name. Its famous nation-wide. But its admission process is very difficult. However, if you want to try, try ATIT 2010. All the best!

What you do after 12 if you want job of salary greater than 50000?

Study, study, study. Especially if you get good grades, your chances of getting a good salary in a few years will improve.

How do you study and have funn?

Listen to relaxing music, and think of the high hopes you can get too by studying. Like getting a good job, getting paid, having children.

Colleges available for 179 marks in Anna university?

You will be getting IT in PSNA College Dgl. It's a good college,,,,,

How many hours you should study to get good marks in class 10th?

we have to study 1 hour and then take rest for 5 to 10 minutes then again start studying for 1hour and same process.....

How long do you have to study to become a writer?

First you will do your matric in good marks then you will do your f.a then b.a then m. In urdu and then start writing and explore your world

Is not getting homework good?

Sure it is, sometimes. Everyone needs a break, but not getting homework at all robs you from learning as much as you could, developing good study habits, and being responsible for getting it done.

Does not studying and getting good marks anyway mean you are smart?

It can mean that. Most likely it means you got lucky, though.

Can you give me a sentence with the word 'get' and 'gets'?

Study well in order to get good marks in the test. He gets my jokes when I tell them slowly and clearly.

Which is a good site for getting questions on Julius Caesar - I need to study for a test?


What should you do to get good grades?

Unfortunately, the only way to get good grades is to study hard and apply yourself in school 100%. The trick to getting good grades is learning how to study, and actually process what you learn.

What is the benefit of getting good grades?

When you study for a test, study until you know everything about that topic. Also, turn in all of your homework and projects ON TIME!