How do you study for the ASVAB test?

Updated: 10/10/2023
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Your ASVAB score is actually your AFQT score which is made up of a weighted average of your scores on the following ASVAB subtests:

* Word Knowledge * Paragraph Comprehension * Arithmetic Reasoning * Mathematics Knowledge Depending on the branch of the military you're enlisting in you'll also have a series of line scores that will qualify you for particular jobs within that service branch.

ASVAB/AFQT score gets you in and line scores qualify you for job training.

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You can go to and take the ASVAB practice test. There are 6 different pratice tests. 3 short tests (40 Questions) 3 long tests (400 Questions)

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Go to and take the ASVAB practice test.

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study your butt off use the pre test on and get asvab for dummies it helps alot

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Q: How do you study for the ASVAB test?
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where can i go to take classes to prepare for the asvab test in my area?

you can get the information about asvab test study guide from the following website

ASVAB vocab vs sat vocab what is the difference if any?

They are two different tests. The asvab is s military based test; therefore there is different vocabulary. I recommend studying for the test you take. If taking the asvab you can get study guides on post.

How to pass the avsab test?

There is only one way to pass an Asvab test. All you can do is study as much as you can and do your best.

anyone have a copy of the asvab practice test or something i can study for it with... i have to score @ least 50 on the practice test to be able to get my GED @ there program + join..?

HI my name is jesse i've been trying to pass the asvab too. I need a score of about 50 or more to join the marines i have books to study but still i can't pass the test do u know a good book to get to study?

How smart do you have to be to get a 100 on the ASVAB test?

The highest score you can get on the ASVAB is a 99

Is the questions out of the book ASVAB for dummies on the actual ASVAB?

None of the practice test questions you'll find in study guides or online are from the actual test. The military makes it very clear what format and type of questions are on the test so the creators of practice tests take that information and create their own questions that mimic those found on the actual test. So, they're good for studying but they're not the questions on the actual ASVAB.

Can you join the army without taking the ASVAB test?

No. The ASVAB is used to determine what occupations you can be placed in.

Are the question on the ASVAB test the same on the practice test?

Some are yes.

is there any asvab tutor who can help me with the test?

If you have a good marine or navy recruiter. They will make arrangements for you. This is from a former navy chief recruiter. I tutor ASVAb. I live in Wrentham Ma. i need some tutoring for the asvab test

Can anyone join the army without taking the ASVAB test?

You have to take the ASVAB to enlist in any of the armed forces.

Do you have to take an ASVAB test for the National Guard?


What do you have to do in the military?

meet the requirements and pass an ASVAB test