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You have to take the ASVAB to enlist in any of the armed forces.

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Q: Can anyone join the army without taking the ASVAB test?
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Can you join the army without taking the ASVAB test?

No. The ASVAB is used to determine what occupations you can be placed in.

Can you be in the army with a ASVAB of 22?


How much does the army pay if you sign when you didnt finish high school?

That depends on if you enlist as a senior on track to graduate or have dropped out of school and have no diploma. Currently the Army is not taking anyone without a HS diploma, yes you can NOT join with a GED right now. That could change in the future as it has in the past. Also your bonus is tied directly to your asvab score and what specific MOS (job) you choose.

Can I be for sure I would get the chance to be a scout sniper for marines What about the army?

You can't be sure of the position you will get when enlisting in the Marines or the Army. Taking the ASVAB will give you an idea of the job that you will be assigned to of if you may be selected as a scout sniper.

What is a passing score for the ASVAB test?

For army 31 For navy airforce 35

What do you have to do to be in the army?

You volunteer (you enlist or join the Army).

You got a 39 on your ASVAB can you be a mechanic for the army?

You would need to speak with a career counselor at the MEPS to determine that. Keep in mind that, if you decide to enlist, you'll be taking the ASVAB again at MEPS, so if you just pencil whipped it for the sake of simply getting through it and getting it over with, you'll have another shot at it.

where can i go to get help studying for the army ASVAB?

You can buy a book it actually one made specific for the asvab or there are websites you can go on when r u going to take your test?

Do you have to take a test to be in the national guard or army reserve?

Yes, it's called the ASVAB test.

What score do you need on the ASVAB to get into Army Special Forces?

To enter the Army Special Forces you will need to achieve at least a General Technical score of 110.

Where can one take the ASVAB practice tests?

High school students can take the student ASVAB at their schools. The score is not used by the military. The ASVAB for enlistment is given at the MEPS, or you can arrange a CAT ASVAB through a recruiter.

Is ten percent on the ASVAB a good score?

No you need at least a 31 for the army 50 with a GED