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For army 31

For navy airforce 35

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Q: What is a passing score for the ASVAB test?
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How smart do you have to be to get a 100 on the ASVAB test?

The highest score you can get on the ASVAB is a 99

What is a passing ASVAB score?

There is not a pass or fail score, but individuals will need to obtain at least a 31.

Can you make a 30 on the ASVAB and still pass?

No, the lowest passing score is a 32.

What are your test score requirements to join the marines?

You have to take the asvab test first and the score is 31 or over.

What ASVAB score do you need to be in the armys infantry?

you need to score 31(AFQT) on your asvab test.

How do you find your ASVAB score once you have taken the test?

The formula to derive the AFQT "raw Score" is 2VE + AR (Arithmetic Reasoning) + MK (Mathematics Knowledge). This formula results in the AFQT "raw score," which is then converted into a percentile score. [cited from ABCs of the ASVAB. pg 3. by Rod Powers]

wat do i have to score on my asvab for college money?

The ASVAB test is used to test your vocational aptitude when entering the armed services. It is not a determining factor in deciding if you get money for college.

If you have an average of 75 percent on the practice ASVAB what will your score be?

I got a 60 on the practice test, and a 71 on the real test. You should get around the same score.

Do you think a person is stupid if he gets a practice ASVAB score 14 the first time?

it is not our job to say whether or not a person is stupid. but statistically, a 14 is not a very good score for the ASVAB test.

What is a passing score on the SAT Subject Test in chemistry?

the passing score starts at 450

What is the passing score for a ASE test?

80% is a passing score or 48 out of 60 questions

Is a score of 51 on the ASVAB considered failing?

No. You can't fail the asvab. a score of 51 means you got more correct answers than 51% of the people that took the test. You should be able to join any branch with a score of 51