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First, figure out what it is you need to summarize. Then close read that passage/section/book, etc. Pay attention to the main points each section is discussing. If you are reading a book, take sometime after each chapter to briefly think about what that section was explaining. If you can, highlighting the main points is a great way to keep track of them, or jotting them down on a notebook or word document. If it's an article, do that for each like paragraph or passage. Each main point does not even have to be a full sentence. After you're done, go over the main point and write down the main points in a cohesive paragraph, paper, etc.

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You would be writing a few sentences, in paragraph form, regarding what happened in the passage you read. If you want to follow the paragraph format: Say what you are going to tell us (topic sentence), say it (body), and then tell us what you told us (final sentence).

Brainstorm by listing the ideas you want to cover first. It will make writing the paragraph easier.

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(If you're writing about a spider monkey for example) In conclusion the spider-monkey is a very complicated species of monkey.

You can use that to summarize a description.

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Q: How do you summarize the main idea of a passage?
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What is the main idea of this selection?

Please provide the selection you are referring to so I can accurately summarize the main idea.

What questions does the main idea of a passage answer?

What's the point of this passage.

How do you summarize a nonfiction passage?

You summarize a nonfiction passage much like a fictional passage, by highlighting the key points. When summarizing, it is important to stick to only the main points, and to limit details dramatically, without of course leaving anything supremely important out.

What does it mean summarize a text?

To explain the main idea in fewer words.

What does it mean to summarize a text?

To explain the main idea in fewer words.

What classification is main idea?

Main idea is a classification or category of information that represents the central point or theme of a piece of writing, speech, or other form of communication. It helps to summarize the key point or message that the author is trying to convey.

How do you find a controlling idea?

Main idea of the passage or the poem

What are the three main idea questions you can ask yourself to identify the main idea?

What is the subject or topic being discussed in the passage? What is the author's main point or purpose in writing the passage? What information is emphasized or repeated throughout the passage?

The central idea of a long passage is stated in the?

The main idea of a passage is also called ?

What does a controll mean?

Main idea of the passage or the poem

What does a control mean?

Main idea of the passage or the poem

What is the difference betwean a topic and a main idea?

The topic is like the main thing you are going to talk about but main idea is the main sentence of a passage