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I have decided to answer this question posted on your website:

" How do you support the person going through Lexapro with drawls?"

I have been on my computer for two and a half hours reading what others have written about their experience with the consumption, withdrawal and general experience with Lexapro. What you have shared is huge. It helped me to figure out that the doctors did not transform my brain or remove a portion of it while in surgery couple weeks ago. As a result I am motivated to try to answer the following question as someone who needs lots of understanding love and support to get through this difficult time.

Please try to understand what they are going through and love them the same. Know they aren't crazy or obnoxious. They need your love and support so that they do not revert to using the medication. After taking 10mgs sometimes 20mgs of Lexapro for a period of four to six years for menopausal symptoms to keep my hormones balanced I grew fibroids, which resulted in a partial hysterectomy. With my MD's supervision, I weaned myself off the Lexapro almost simultaneously. Poor decision on my part. Now only three weeks after "Foot Surgery" and two weeks after the hysterectomy, I feel like a "zombie."

I feel like an alien has inhabited my body and I was lost somewhere while under the influence of the anesthetic. Daily I wake wondering if the woozy , light headed, weird stomach and nausea will ever go away. It is very odd to feel so different, you have known yourself for all your life then suddenly in an attempt to resolve one problem you create a monster.

I remember discussing my consumption of the Lexapro with my MD and asking it is addicting and he told me it was not. I beg to disagree... if it isn't, why do we have these awful withdrawal symptoms for so long? I have no experience with addictions but based on what I hear from drug addicts going through withdrawals, it sounds to me the same as what I am going through.

I encourage any one considering the use of any of these drugs to do your research, be thorough, because in my humble opinion, it is not always worth fixing a problem with a potential problem. Have some frank "heart to heart" with your physician and unless you really need to. I would try some alternative treatments.

Before spending the time this evening researching "Lexapro

withdrawals" on your site, I was not sure if the snippy, vacuous, woozy , light headed, mood swings etc. was a result of my surgeries. In case you are thinking it, yes... I was nuts making these monumental changes all at once but I am a very strong and resilient woman, also I have time off work which allows me "healing time."

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Can a person die from extreme opiate withdrawal?

No, you can not die from withdrawal. You can come extremely depressed and extremely sick, but if you can make it through the first few weeks the withdrawal should be gone.

What is emotional support?

Emotional support is when you show your support to a person through your emotions.

When filling out a sbi bank withdrawal slip what do you need?

When filling out a SNI bank withdrawal slip a person will need to know there name, account number, and how much to withdrawal. A person must sign the withdrawal slip.

Can lexapro withdrawal cause itching only after a month of use?

Yes, SSRI's have a host of side effects that can present themselves at anytime and even at low dosages. A person has to decide if the side effects are worth the benefit they get from the drug. Sometimes the a person will experience no side effects, others will experience side effects that go away after the body adjusts, and yet others have to discontinue because the side effects become to much of a bother. Most withdrawal symptoms from Lexapro go away within 2 to 12 days after discontinuation. There are exceptions where they can last a little longer.

Can lexapro be abused?

probably not, if a person abuses lexapro and takes more than the required dose they can have a seretonergic storm (seretonin syndrome) which can be deadly.

How long do Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms last?

Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms can last up to three months. It varies from person to person. Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms will be less severe and less common when the dosage is slowly decreased over time.

Does Lexapro cause talkativeness?

Well, in one way yes it does. It does so because the Lexapro takes away the depression and sadness so a person is happier and therefore, feels like laughing and talking again. Lexapro is not addictive and is not a happy pill like Valium is.

Can child support garnish money left to a person through life insurance?


How long does it take Cymbalta to kick in after going through a Cymbalta withdrawal and starting again?

There is not a time slot to when Cymbalta starts to work. It all depends on the person.

How long does marijuana withdrawal last?

Marijuana withdrawal differs from person to person and depends much on the psychological dependence of the person. Like quitting nicotine, the first day is relatively undifficult, but the withdrawal symptoms generally peak around the 3rd day and then decline from there. Physically, the THC stays in a person's fat cells for several months, although withdrawal symptoms should have long faded by then.

What is withdrawal slip?

A withdrawal slip is typically a pre-printed form which must be filled out by the person who wishes to withdraw money from a bank.

What are the side effcts of taking lexapro and hydrocodone together?

You'll be one high depressed person.

Can a person lose weight taking Lexapro and then gain weight after stopping Lexapro?

Lexapro often increases weight gain while on it and then after you stop its pretty much up to the individual on their eating habits. In my experience its not that it makes you eat more, it just makes you feel less motivated to be active.

The discomfort a person feels when he or she stops using tobacco is called?


A period of adjustment that occurs when a person stops taking a drug?


Why does opiate withdrawal cause so much pain?

When a person attempts to stop using the opiate, they will go through withdrawal for about one week. Post acute withdrawal symptoms last much longer than that and include extreme sensitivity to pain as the natural pain receptors have vanished. The pain tolerance that a normal person has is no longer present in the opiate addict. They also experience a complete lack of motivation because the natural receptors are gone.

What are some known detox alcohol methods?

Some of the methods known for detoxing alcohol is alcohol based withdrawal. With this the person slowly cuts down on the alcohol so the person doesn't have withdrawal symptoms to badly that the person goes back to drinking.

How does a support group help abused people?

A support group can be a great way to talk through feelings and emotions. An abused person can oftentimes feel very alone and like no one understands them. By being a part of a support group they realize their feelings are normal and there are people who do know what they are going through. Also in a support group, a person who has been through abuse and is struggling can find out how others are handling their own struggles. This can aid in the healing process.

How can you post a question to a WikiAnswers worker?

The best way to reach an employee is through the support form. The message will either be dealt with through support, or forwarded to the proper person. See the related link below.

Is Lexapro good for eating disorders?

i think it depends on the person. lexapro is used an anti-depressant/anti-anxiety medication. for me, while i was on 10 mg lexapro, it was useless. then my doctor switched me to prozac, which is more commonly used in treating eating disorders. so far that in combination with counseling and therapy, has been helpful

What happens in drug rehab?

It usually begins with a period of controlled withdrawal from the substance the person is addicted to (detox). This is followed by education, psychological interviews and support - to help the addict into a better course of life, and healthier lifestyle.

What is better Lexapro or citalopram?

Both or SSRI s so in same class. And both work almost the same but lexapro helps more with OCD and anxiety. Celexa is mainly for depression. But the effectiveness of each depends on the person

Will decreasing dosage of seroquel from 200mg to 100mg give a person withdrawal symptoms?


How long do dianxit withdrawal symptoms last?

what can 10 tablets of dianxit do to a person ??

What is a condition that occurs when a person stops using a medicine on which he or she has a chemical dependence?