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You have to go to the safari zone and go all the way to the end. Near there is a house. go to it and the guy gives it to you.

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How do you get surf without cut in Pokemon FireRed?

where to get surf in Pokemon fire red

How do you get to the island on Pokemon FireRed?

You have to teach a Pokemon the HM surf and surf over there.

Where do you gte surf in Pokemon FireRed?

you get surf in the safari zone

What do you do when you get surf in Pokemon FireRed?

To get surf you got to get to the secret house in safari zone

Where is the truck in Pokemon FireRed?

the truck is by ss anne, you have to surf to get there

How do you get out the seaform island in Pokemon FireRed?

from fuchsia: surf down and then hang a left. from cinnebar: surf to the right.

How do you get to the powerplant in pokemon firered?

Surf to the near water in rock tunnel

Pokemon FireRed how to get to cinnibar island?

you have to use surf in palet town

Where to get hm surf in Pokemon FireRed Pokemon?

The secret house in the safari zone by the golden teeth

Where do you get surf on Pokemon FireRed?

You get it in the very back of the safari zone where the fan club is

Where is zaptos in pokemon firered?

In the power plant under route 10 you have to surf to it.

Where do you get a tentacool in Pokemon FireRed?

I Think when you surf in the water i dont know.I think

How do you get mew in Pokemon FireRed without a gameshark or action replay?

Mew FireredIf you want to get mew you have to not go on the ship. But you have to trade over a Pokemon that knows surf. Once you do that you surf AROUND the ship and mew should appear.

How do you catch a water Pokemon in Pokemon FireRed?

you fish or surf and throw a pokeball at it, pretty straight forward

How do you catch Zapdos?

You have to trade it from Firered/Leafgreen in Pokemon firered/leafgreen you can find zapdos in power plant, but you need surf to get there.

What can you find in the Pokemon mansion in Pokemon FireRed?

On cinnabar island. You can get to Cinnabar by using surf from Pallet Town. To use surf, you need to get Fuschias gym badge.

Were do you find water Pokemon on Pokemon FireRed on gba?

erm, if you have surf go on a lake or sea, you should get attacked there

In Pokemon FireRed how do you surf?

If you have taught your Pokemon Surf, you can approach a body of water and tap A, then it'll show up a prompt asking if you want to use surf across the water. Alternatively, when at the water, you can go into your Party and tap A on the Pokemon who knows Surf and select that move.

Zapdos Pokemon FireRed?

in power plant, near entrance to rock tunnel, have to surf to it

Where is the seventh gym in Pokemon FireRed?

If you surf south of Pallet town you will get to Cinnibar Island. It is on there.

Where do you catch zaptos in Pokemon FireRed?

power plant by saffron you have to surf the water down to it

On Pokemon FireRed where do you get surf?

in the secret house at the back of safari zone in vermillion city

How do you get to cinibar island in Pokemon FireRed?

go to the bottom of pallet town and surf down

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